Please only fill out this form if you are a venue scheduler. If you are looking to request space on campus for an event or meeting, please contact the appropriate entity first or email for next steps.

CU affiliate reserving space (venue scheduler) information​

Event/activity host (client) information​

Please list the individual(s) responsible and accountable for the event who will be onsite for the duration of the event. For CU Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and Recognized Social Greek Organizations (RSGOs), the event/activity host must be an organization administrator. 

  • Disruption/interruption (e.g. increased media attention, high-profile guest, political campaigning, loud music/noise) to the everyday academic schedule; use of academic space during normal academic schedule, teaching, research, etc.)
  • Client providing their own third-party security and/or entourage
  • Impact health and/or safety of the university community
  • Anticipated number of attendees will be 60% or greater from the general public
  • Campus infrastructure implications or impacts 
  • Substantial campus staffing requirements
  • Requires more than three hours of setup time prior to and/or after the event

Venue scheduler is responsible for ensuring the client is aware of expectations when completing the EMF.

Venue scheduler should not submit the DocuSign until the details/vision/aspects of the client’s request(s) are understood.

Venue scheduler may need to contact the client for further details, prior to submitting the DocuSign.