If you do not pay your bill, miss payment deadlines, or submit payment that is returned from your financial institution, you may be subject to late fees, finance charges, and financial holds. Visit the Bursar’s Office website for full information.

See the Bursar’s Office Website for information about late payment and finance charges.

Financial holds remain on your student account until the balance is paid in full and may prevent you from adding classes, registering for any future terms, or receiving a diploma.

Past due accounts are referred to the Student Debt Management (SDM) department for collection after the end of the semester and placed with a third-party collection agency after six months. Student accounts that are referred to an outside collection agency may incur collection agency costs, expenses and fees. Such collection costs, expenses and fees may include fees charged to the university by the collection agency, including percentage-based fees of up to 30% of the debt collected. Any collection costs stated above are charged in addition to the principal, fees and interest due on the student’s account. The student may be responsible for reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs associated with collecting or enforcing payment on the past due account as allowed under Colorado law.


Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) § 23-5-115, in the event the student defaults on the amount owed to the university, the university may certify to the Colorado Department of Revenue information required for the recovery of past due debt.

Tuition disputes are only considered under extenuating circumstances, such as a family emergency, unanticipated medical reasons or unexpected financial crisis. Official documentation must be provided to substantiate the circumstances.

To dispute a tuition and mandatory fee debt, you must make a formal appeal to the Bursar’s Office by the last day of finals. Visit the Bursar’s Office website for details and the complete dispute process. If you have questions, please contact the Bursar's Office at 303-492-5381 or bursar@colorado.edu.