Published: Sept. 11, 2023

CUnity FestAs faculty and staff members, you can take steps to support students from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds and identities to help them feel welcome, connected and supported at CU Boulder. 

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC) offers resources and a brave space for students across multiple identities to grow and find support. CISC is also a resource for people in the CU Boulder community who care about social justice and activism to explore opportunities for community-based learning and social action. 

As part of the Division of Student Affairs, CISC works alongside other departments to support faculty and staff in helping students develop a sense of belonging at CU Boulder. 

Preparing to support students 

As you consider ways to support students, you can take time to think about how your identity may aid or challenge your role as a mentor, ally or resource for students from different backgrounds and identities. Reflect on and examine your experiences, biases, stereotypes and generalizations about students from underrepresented and underserved populations.  

Then, tap into resources to expand your knowledge and continue your education about different cultures, identities and student experiences. CISC offers workshops primarily for students. However, faculty and staff can participate in SafeZone and UndocuAlly training. CISC also provides self-guided learning resources that you can use to learn at your own pace. 

When you interact with students, be an active listener and engage with empathy and curiosity across differences. Recognize your privilege in interactions, including if you are in a position of authority, so you can work to ensure everyone feels supported, heard and valued. 

Incorporate an asset-based framework, which means all students bring personal and community assets, strengths and capital to our community. This framework appreciates how identity-based differences bring richness and depth to the campus. 

If you were the first in your family to attend college, you can volunteer your time and story to help students. Students can access the First-Generation Faculty and Staff Directory.  The directory also highlights faculty and staff who are allies of the first-generation community. If you want to join the First-Generation Faculty and Staff Directory or need to update any information listed in the directory, please contact Mike Jones.   

Using campus resources 

Share resources with students 

CISC offers students a range of resources to support intersectional identity development. 

You can promote CISC and resources to students. Explore information for scholarships, discrimination and harassment, health and wellness, academics and more. 

Promote the gathering space 

Located in the Center for Community (C4C), N320, students can stop by Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Fridays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., to hang out, study and relax. 

The gathering space invites students to enjoy the student lounge, ‘self-care’ table and free printing. Students may also pick up free menstrual and safer sex supplies in a welcoming and inclusive space. 

Attend or share events 

CISC and other departments offer diverse events and programs for the CU Boulder community. Many events are open to faculty and staff as well as students. The events aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where individuals of all identities can learn and grow.