Exploring Social Identities

Designed for students to recognize their own intersecting identities and those of others, while learning to be empathetic and open-minded to the experiences of others.

Implicit Bias

Designed for students to understand unconscious bias, embrace diversity and implement strategies and behaviors to challenge implicit bias.

Interrupting Racism

Designed for students to engage in dialogue across difference, learn bystander intervention strategies and understand their role in combating racism.

Interrupting Sexism

Designed for students to recognize sexism and gender bias and learn strategies to promote gender equality.


Designed for students to recognize that multiple identities intersect and interact with each other and how those identities can affect their privilege in society.

Let's Talk LGBTQ+

Designed for students to develop awareness and understanding of important terminology around varying identities and embrace diversity through empathy and respect.


Designed for students to become aware of and explore various microaggressions, evaluate language and word choices and improve civil discourse and open exchange with others.