Our office provides transformative educational opportunities that allow CU Boulder students to become civically conscious leaders who respectfully engage in social justice discourse and activism. The office offers workshops for the campus community to engage in as well as a social justice and leadership conference. For students who are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion work there is an opportunity for them to apply for a spot on the Peers Educating and Empowering Peers (PEEPs) team!        

Mission: Through the power of education, we foster an environment of inclusion through mutual respect and understanding of cultural differences, improved human interaction and relationships – where we develop solution-focused and civically conscious members of society through exposure to social justice theories and concepts grounded with an intersectional foundation to transform communities.

Learning Goals

To create transformative educational opportunities on diversity and social justice topics for students informed by the intersectional framework.


  • Raise awareness that empowers students to take action as advocates, allies and accomplices.
  • Take a personal inventory on one’s actions, words, values, interpersonal relationships and use it to reflect on how to enact positive change for others and one’s community.
  • Develop understanding of and appreciation for intersecting identities and experiences.

To encourage mutual respect, empathy and curiosity while engaging in intergroup dialogue.


  • Develop cultural competency and intergroup dialogue skills by interacting with diverse perspectives.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging by validating individuals’ identities and creating an authentic space of mutual respect.
  • Develop empathy for and appreciation of individuals’ differences and lived experiences.

Through restorative justice practices students will cultivate a community of care while participating in crucial conversations.


  • Understand the importance of lifelong learning by challenging norms and engaging in crucial conversations.
  • By utilizing restorative justice practices individuals will build a solution-focused community.
  • Enhancing the experience of individuals by fostering a community grounded in mutual trust.

To develop civically conscious students by encouraging them to interact with communities through service, advocacy and activism.


  • Establish a foundation of civic accountability through advocacy, action-oriented service and educational opportunities.
  • Engage in community activism and create pathways for allyship.
  • Inspire a dedication to creating a morally just society.


Please contact Nicole Laverty if you have any questions about the offerings listed below.