Published: Jan. 29, 2021

We are excited to welcome you back to campus over the next couple of weeks. We’ve been working hard to provide a positive experience as we continue to navigate changes with the pandemic. 

As you return to Boulder, settle in and transition to in-person learning and activities, I have some advice and reminders for you.

JB BanksFocus on building your experience

Outside of your classes, homework and other responsibilities, reflect on how you are spending the other hours of your day. How often are you connecting with your fellow Buffs? Are you involved with student organizations or other campus activities? Have you been struggling with your coursework? Are you finding time to stay active and getting enough sleep?

You are the architect of your experience. Commit to creating positive experiences for yourself this semester. Maybe that’s asking for help in your classes so you’re spending less time on homework each week. Or making it a priority to have a consistent bedtime and wake up time so you feel more well-rested. Perhaps you plan on attending a few student events each month or join a student organization to connect with others and take a break from your studies. Advocate for yourself and use your resources to help make this a great semester.

Find new ways to get involved

Whether you’re in your first year or last year at CU, there’s always something new to try and ways to get involved. Your experience is what you make it—whether that is getting involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, or finding something that you are passionate about. 

Aside from meeting new people, getting involved can help you gain experience and build professional skills you can use later in life. And there are many ways to get involved:

How you get involved can play a big role in building your experience this semester, but you have to take that first step!

Be a good neighbor

Whether you are living on or off campus this semester, I encourage you to look out for one another and be a good neighbor.  

First, help do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This virus still poses significant risks to our community, and we all have a personal responsibility to Protect our Herd. As we return to campus this month, it may be tempting to go out and spend time with a large group of your peers. It may feel awkward to keep your face covering on when others around you have taken theirs off. But every time you make the decision to wear your face covering and stay physically distanced from others, you are helping to keep our community safe. 

Second, be considerate and mindful of those around you. You never know what someone else is going through and how your actions may affect them. Playing loud music in your room at the end of a long day may help you blow off steam, but it maybe isn’t so helpful for your roommate or neighbor who is trying to study or sleep. On the other hand, saying a friendly “hi” and holding the door open for someone at the UMC could make that person’s day. Let’s be kind, be mindful and help each other out during these uncertain times.

Buffs, I look forward to our return to campus and seeing you around again. Let’s make this a great semester!

JB Banks
Dean of Students and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs