Cultural Events Board
Cultural Events Board (CEB) is proud to present in Fall 2020...
Julisa Calderon and Gadiel Del Orbe

In celebration of Latinx heritage month, CEB is proud to announce our next event with former Pero Like producer and talent Gadiel Del Orbe and former Pero Like talent and current Gentefied star, Julissa Calderon, on October 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM MST! You might recognize them both from their time on Pero Like, speaking on relevant topics such as being Afro-Latinx, having a great time making skits about your Latina mom, or teaching us how good Mangu really is.⠀

CEB believes that a university experience is more than simply showing up to class. At the University of Colorado, students are given the chance to enrich their educational experience through opportunities that develop their understanding of culture, diversity, and social awareness. CU sits at the epicenter of many different ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds, and the Cultural Events Board supports and facilitates students as they navigate these points of intersection. Students from all walks of life can immerse themselves in an environment that goes beyond academia, entering a realm of growth and worldliness. In a given week, students may find themselves dancing the Bhangra to Hindi pop music, attending a drag show, watching a documentary about artistic movements in the Middle East, or engaging in dialogue with a best-selling author.