For all graduate and professional students seeking parking on campus this summer, please call the CU Parking Services customer service center, (5-PARK) for a summer session and Aug-mester permit. These products are not available online, so a service agent will be able to assist you.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about parking. UGGS will continue collaborating with CU Parking Services to improve services for graduate and professional students.

We have been working with the Center for Student Information (CSI), and the International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS) to clarify some misconceptions about stipends for international students. 

A stipend is not a payment for work, meaning that international students who work the maximum 20 hours per week (including TAs, GPTIs and RAs on 50% appointments), can still receive a stipend!

You can find more information in the attached document.

The Honor Code Advisory Board (HCAB) is comprised of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members who advise on decisions regarding alleged violations of the Honor Code at CU Boulder. HCAB provides students with the opportunity to work closely with faculty members from various departments and to better understand the Honor Code process. During weekly meetings, HCAB discusses cases of alleged academic misconduct, provides technical expertise on complex cases, and discusses with and advises the hearing officer on findings and non-academic sanctions for Honor Code violations. HCAB is a way for students to work with a diverse group from all around the university, and is great to include on a resume! The Honor Code is looking for students from any college or major across CU, who have the desire to help maintain the highest standards of intellectual honesty and academic integrity. There is an opportunity for this to be a paid position. Please contact us at if you are interested!

There are several open positions in the CU Student Government cabinet for the upcoming school year. Check out the opportunities and apply at