The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) represents graduate and professional students at the University of Colorado Boulder. We support initiatives that empower graduate and professional students to pursue their goals and promote actions that benefit their academic, professional, and socioeconomic well-being. As graduate students, we strive to establish and uphold the principles of shared governance, where graduate and professional students can participate in all discussions regarding their conditions as students, researchers, instructors, and employees. All GPSG positions (unless otherwise disclosed) are paid a bi-weekly stipend, which is not recognized as campus employment. International students can apply with no consequence relating to their visa work restrictions.


CUSG Joint-Board Representation

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) of CU Boulder maintains regular representation on multiple University oversight, advisory, or joint (decision-making) boards. These boards are tasked with overseeing the managerial, programmatic, policy responsibilities, and budgets or fee expenditures of different University Programs. Often these Boards are overseen by the University of Colorado Boulder Student Government (CUSG) and seats are reserved for graduate students through collaboration between GPSG and CUSG. Representation on these boards ensures graduate student voices and experiences will be recognized in the decisions of the Boards. Graduate Representatives on Boards are financially supported by GPSG when budgeted for by the GPSG Assembly. Finally, Board positions offer graduate students a great insight into the operations of the University as a whole. All who are interested and can meet the time requirements are welcome to apply.

Center for Student Involvement Advisory Board (CSI Voting member or Liaison) 

Time Requirements: 1.5 hours biweekly

Compensation: 225$ Semesterly stipend

Summary: The purpose of the Board is to enhance the role of the Center for Student Involvement (hereafter referred to as the CSI) in providing strong support for students and student organizations through advice, skill development, and utilization of the best practices in higher education. It is also the purpose of the Board to assist the CSI in becoming an engaging and inclusive environment through programs, activities, and training that help connect students to campus. It shall be the responsibility of the Board to continually review and approve existing and proposed policies to enhance this Statement of Purpose. The Board shall develop, in cooperation with the Director of the CSI, long-range goals and short-term objectives, which will provide the operational framework of the CSI. The Board shall review, recommend, and approve the allocations of resources and the implementation of any services, programs or activities it deems necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the CSI. As a unit within Student Affairs, the Center for Student Involvement is a multifaceted team working together to support students and student groups. We create an engaging and inclusive environment that promotes leadership development, cultural awareness, and community involvement to help students find their passion and their place.

Position Requirements:

  • Attend CSI Board Meetings

  • Attend GPSG Assembly meetings on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm via Zoom

  • Regularly report to the GPSG Executive Committee and Assembly on the activities and decisions of the CSI Board. 

CSI Board Application

CUSG Joint Board on the Student Recreation Center (Rec Board) 

(separate application required by Rec Board)

Time Requirement: 2 hours biweekly 

Compensation: 225$ Semesterly Stipend

Summary: The Recreation Board is a joint board of students and non-students (University Staff, Community Members, or Faculty) consisting of nine (9) members operating under the authority of the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG). One of the most important roles of the Recreation Board is to act as a policy-setting body that works toward promoting the improvement of the Recreation Center and the University community through planning and positive action. The Recreation Board is a Joint Board and reports to the Legislative Council of CUSG. The Student Recreation Center is a CUSG Cost Center and is funded by CUSG (student activity fees). To be eligible for compensation, the representative must be ratified by the GPSG Assembly. Only one (1) position is eligible for compensation according to the current GPSG budget. 

Position Requirements: 

  • Attend Rec Board meetings weekly on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00 pm

    • Sometimes additional meetings are required depending on business needs

  • Regularly report to the GPSG Executive Committee and Assembly on the activities and decisions of the Rec Board. 

Rec Board Application


CUSG University Memorial Center Joint Board (UMC Board) 

(separate application required by UMC Board)

Time Requirements: 2 hours biweekly 

Compensation:  $225 Semesterly stipend

Summary: Established in 1970, the UMC Joint Board serves as the governing body of the UMC and its facilities, programs, and services. The CUSG Constitution provides the framework, membership, and accountability of the Board. The UMC Board consists of 12 voting members and six ex-officio members. Eight of the 12 voting members must be currently registered CU Boulder students and the remaining four are faculty and staff. Four of the student members are appointed by the incumbent board, three are appointed by the Board subject to CUSG Legislative Council ratification and one is appointed from the Legislative Council by the CUSG Executives. Student terms are for two years, except for the student appointed by the CUSG Executives who shall serve for one year. The four non-student voting members are appointed by the incumbent board for a two-year term. The UMC Director is a permanent ex-officio member of the Board. The University Memorial Center Board actively governs the UMC on behalf of the CU Student Government (CUSG). The Board is composed of eight students, four faculty and staff, and several ex-officio/non-voting members who work with the UMC Executive Director to ensure the UMC fulfills its mission of providing programs, facilities, and educational opportunities to enrich the campus experience for the CU Boulder community.

The UMC Board meets on Thursdays 5-6:15 pm to create policy, develop creative solutions to challenging issues, and foster leadership skills. During a typical year, the UMC Board routinely discusses issues such as

  • Annual budgets

  • Capital spending

  • Sustainable practices

  • Building usage policies

  • Student org office and locker allocations

  • Food vendor, retail, and service options

  • Distribution of annual UMC scholarships

  • Renovation plans

  • CU NightRide

If you’re up for an exciting challenge, the UMC Board is now accepting applications. Ex-officio positions are open until filled.

Position Requirements: 

  • Attend UMC Board meetings weekly on Thursdays from 5-6:15 pm 

  • Attend GPSG assembly meetings on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 pm via Zoom.

  • Regularly report to the GPSG Executive Committee and Assembly on the activities and decisions of the Rec Board. 

UMC Board Application

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

GPSG seeks candidates capable of collaborating with diverse audiences. This may include highlighting the organization’s diversity and inclusive work and asking candidates to also share their experience working with/teaching diverse audiences or experience working within historically minoritized or underrepresented communities as this relates to one’s research, service, and/or teaching.