About Us

University of Colorado Women's Club Volleyball is a student-run Collegiate Sport Club at CU Boulder.

  • 2 Teams (Black and Gold) with around 24 total players
  • Black Team Coach: TBD 
  • Gold Team Coach: Katie Erickson
  • Travel... during the fall we play in 3-4 in-state tournaments at various locations around the metro area, and during spring we travel to 2 out-of-state tournaments and the National Championships, this year they are being held in DENVER!


  • We are a nationally competitive club that requires focus, determination, and dedication. Players are expected to be punctual and attend all practices with the exception of night exams. Any absences must be discussed and approved beforehand with the coaches.
  • Being committed also means attending fundraising opportunities, volunteer events, staying healthy on our off days, and being a supportive teammate to your club. 

Practice Schedule

  • Tuesday - Team Practice 5:00-7:00pm (Rec Center - Lower Courts)
  • Thursday - Team Practice 5:00-7:00pm (Rec Center - Lower Courts)
  • Friday - Team Make-up Practice 5:00-7:00pm (Rec Center - Lower Courts)
  • Sunday - Team Practice 10:00-12:00pm (Rec Center - Lower Courts)


We take our club's fundraising very seriously. The cost to play at a nationally competitive level is very high. The players pay almost 90% of yearly costs. To reduce the amount that we have typically paid in the past we are going to hold numerous fundraising events, like: restaurant fundraisers, online shopping campaigns, recreational student grass tournaments, and more. 

Each player of this club is required to partake in fundraising events, regardless if monetary assistance is needed. We want to make sure that every girl is able to tryout/play for this club. We DO NOT want financial reasons to be a determinant in whether or not one is able tryout/play. The more fundraising/donations that we recieve, the more dues will reduce. 


Dues are projected this semester to be $250 (yay!). This may increase or decrease depending on things such as how many tournaments we attend, what equipment is purchased, and most importantly—how much fundraising is done! Players are responsible for purchasing their own flight tickets to the two (maybe three) tournaments we are attending in the Spring.

Web Updates

Our most crucial means of communication is through our club email. Please be sure to continuously check your email for quick updates from us. Additionally, we try to update the website as much as possible. Put it as a bookmark on your computer or memorize it. I will be continually updating it throughout the semester. If you have questions about dates, places, events, etc. All known information WILL be posted online. Any other more specific questions, contact the president, officers or coaches. http://www.colorado.edu/sportsclub/womensvolleyball

CLUB UNITY is our #1 goal

  • Make sure to do your part in helping us fulfill this goal. Poor attitudes, hurt feelings, complaining, etc. will not be tolerated. We are here to have fun, stay in shape, and make lasting relationships. This year we will be implementing a 24-hr rule (stay tuned for more info).  
  • Besides being a nationally competitive club, we’re also a social club. We want to meet new people that hopefully turn into lasting friendships.
  • If you are interested in being more involved and want to potentially hold a leadership position in the future, please let us know. Enthusiasm for any role, small or large is more than welcome. 
  • Communication is always wide open within the club. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Contact Info

Taryn Johnson, President 

Kelsey Sheehan, Vice President