Current Players:

  1. Get CIPP'd with USA Rugby (<$50.00, doubles as injury insurance while playing). We play in the Men's Collegiate D1A-West Division, for the University of Colorado Men's Rugby Football Club. Use a personal email here, as your school email will eventually expire and USAR sends us alumni contact info so if you use something that's unusable in years, we won't be able to reach you!
  2. Join our slack team for official team announcements and chat using your CU email! Once you've created an account you can either download the app on a computer, phone, or open it in a web browser, all platforms are supported.
  3. Get registered with club sports at CU.
  4. Pay dues (if you can't, talk to the team treasurer, prez, vp, etc.)

Missing Class Due to Travel:

If you are going to miss class due to travel, fill out this form and pick them up in the Club Sports Office the next day to turn into your professors.


Prospective Players:

Please fill out our player form here.