2022-2023 Officers:

President - Max Dillman

Executive officers that served the team for at least one semester are eligible for election as president. The president is responsible for interfacing with the Club Sports Office and the overall continuity of the team. He will call meetings, delegate tasks to other officers, attend all official club sports hearings and presentations, and be responsible for acquiring/retaining/dismissing team members, coaches, and other officers.

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Vice-President - Charlie Quinn and Angus Skinner

The vice president will attend the official club sports meetings with the president as needed. They will help with the workload of the officers, and advise the president on any Club Sport matters. You must have also served the executive board for at least a year.

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Treasurer - Whit Harlan

The treasurer is responsible for all budget and expenditure requirements/requests for the team. He will be given previous years' itemized lists, budgets, and other information to then prepare for the coming year. He calculates the dues amount and helps other officers with purchases for the team.

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Executive Aid - Jack Rocchio and Cole Radetich

The executive aid helps the team out wherever necessary. This position is usually one or several former high-rank officers from the previous executive boards.

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Match Secretary - Hank Goodman and Liam Malloy

Responsible for planning and organizing matches with other teams to compete in friendly matches or scrimmages. They are responsible to schedule for A-side, B-side, and if needed C-side teams. 

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Kit and Apparel - Hank Goodman and Cole Radetich

The head of apparel will work with the Club Sports office to create team kit, warmups, and an online store for fan purchases. 

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Alumni Advisor - Nathan Schooling

The alumni advisor is responsible for interfacing with CU Rugby Legacy (CURL) and maintaining ties with the 50+ year history of CU Rugby. He will organize annual alumni games and keep in contact with the alumni association and other alumni.

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Social Media and Promotion - Mariano Adame and Trevor Barrios

The heads of social media will be in charge of team-to-fans outreach and keeping the CU Rugby community alive. If you see a problem with the website or any social media, reach out below.

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Recruitment Officer - Josh Pope-Saffer

The recruitment chair is responsible for attrition-fighting measures, interfacing with prospective players, and involved with exposing more CU students to rugby in the effort to recruit them into the club.

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A- & B-Side Compliance Officer - Nolan Younoszai and Ian Semien

Responsible for checking in with each executive officer every week to update the president and vice president with the progress of the work the team needs done including completing of eligibility forms, registering with CU Club Sports and registering with D1A Rugby. In addition, they are responsible of the team in compliance with CU Boulder Club Sports and D1A regulations/rules. 

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