Fall 2022 Organizational Meeting: August 22nd from 4-5pm in the rec center in the large meeting room overlooking the ice rink.

Fall 2022 Tryouts: August 23rd-August 27th from 4-9pm at Kittredge Soccer Fields.

Fall 2022 Sign Up Forms: Everyone who wishes to attend tryouts must complete both forms below in order to participate.

Form 1: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QFiRihKGHun6gAJbeq0n0HE_4f2tbbH35jsGT5V-d8M/edit

Form 2: https://recreation-portal.colorado.edu/Program/GetProgramDetails?courseId=67bb2ce4-400a-48bb-a803-67f3043632a2&semesterId=c1f9163a-bbef-40d3-8986-41944054ac11


*If you have issues accessing Form 2, make sure you are logged in with your CU identikey.