As the largest cycling program in the country and a consistent contender for individual and team national titles, the team has significant financial needs. Expenses include:  race entry fees, travel expenses (vehicles & lodging), equipment and supplies, and coaching staff. Annually, this adds up to approximately $150,000. Ideally, we would also be able to provide some small scholarships to our top athletes to further encourage them to attend the University of Colorado Boulder and earn their degree (rather than stop attending to race full-time).

Most of these funds come out of the pocket of the student-athletes themselves. The university provides a modest stipend as part of the Sport Clubs program, but this covers less than 5% of our annual budget. To minimize the impact on the student-athletes we seek donations from generous supporters like you.

Donate to General Fund - variable

Donations to the general fund will be applied against the team's expenses through the year. This includes National Championship competitions in Road, Track, Cyclocross, MTB. The team subsidizes some or all of the expenses of these trips. Depending on location and the number of qualified riders, each trip is $5,000-10,000.

General funds are also used to subsidize conference competition expenses for all student-athletes, acquire team equipment and supplies, and cover the costs of coaching.

Sponsor an Elite Rider - $1,000.00 per semester

You may also choose to sponsor an "elite" rider. An elite rider is a male or female that competes in the highest category and is eligible to compete at the National Championship for their respective disciplines. Your support will cover race entry fees for the competitive season (and lift tickets for DH racers) and offset Nationals expenses for that athlete. The team/coach will assign the funds to a particular student-athlete.

All monies donated are transferred to the team in their entirety (no commissions, expenses or other reductions by the university) and are tax-deductible. Please add the text "General Fund" or "Sponsor Elite Rider" to the comments on your gift.