Do I have to tryout?

Generally, no. There are 3 levels of racing for each men and women (A, B, C). Which category you race will be determined by your prior racing experience, if any, and results. 

For ROAD, we are limited to starting 12 riders in a Mens A race during conference competition. If we have more than 12 Men A riders, a selection process will be employed.

What do I have to do to join?

Not much. You have some school waivers to sign, pay team dues, purchase team clothing, and purchase a USA Cycling Racing License.

For more detailed info see the Join Now page.

What does it cost to race?

Some costs are fixed and some are variable. To join the team you must pay dues. These vary from year-to-year, but are about $200/semester. A race jersey and bib shorts are about $150. Races costs about $25 each, hotels or camping can range from $0-$50 weekend. If you carpool, you'll have to share gas expenses.

This is a "worst-case" scenario. Depending on fundraising activites, some of these costs may be covered or partially subsidized.

Where do I store my bike(s)?

There is no "team bike storage." Riders normally keep their bikes in their dorm room or off-campus housing. Freshmen have been creative and found ways to store multiple bikes in the dorms.

Do you offer scholarships?

Currently, there are no cycling-specific scholarships. However, there are many other scholarship options at CU you should explore:

Additionally, we have no role in your admission to the University of Colorado Boulder. The admissions office is your point of contact for any questions regarding admission.

We are working towards providing cycling scholarships at CU. These will not be available to incoming freshmen and will be offered only to those competing in the highest category and are eligible to compete at a collegiate national championships.

What is the weekly time commitment for practices?

During the racing season, students can expect 3+ rides per week with peers, and for road one ride per week led by our coach Heather Fischer.

When are spring races?

Road racing occurs in the spring, with training rides starting at the beginning of the semester. Races take place almost every weekend starting in March and ending in April. Collegiate Nationals is usually in the second week of May.