mae 1920

Mae Cosgrove

5'2" || Mae Cosgrove is a coxswain from Denver, Colorado. This is her second year on the team. Mae is majoring in Linguistics with minors in Spanish and Sociology. Mae is the Logistics Coordintor for the 2019-2020 Crew Season. Mae once bowled a perfect game in Wii sports.
Fran is a horse girl

Francesca Kealey

5'3" || Francesca Kealey is a coxswain from Hanover, New Hampshire. She has been on the team for three years, but has been coxing for seven years total. She is a junior studying for a Major in Biochemistry. Fran loves animals and is working to be a veterinarian. She also loves to take her cat Dipper for long walks on the beach with Dylan and Atharva, play D&D with her...

Julia Leone

5'1" || Julia Leone is a Novice coxswain from Lakewood, Colorado. She is pursuing both an International Affiars Major, Jewish Studies Major, as well as a Journalism Minor. Julia enjoys being in airports as well as flying on planes. She will never shut up about the Czech Republic and collects postcards from the places she travels.

Mina Wong

5'2" || Mina is a Novice coxswain from Aurora, Colorado. She is a Integrative Physiology Major and also a Sociology Minor. Mina swing dances on Friday nights at CU. In the future, she wants to become an MD.

Men's Varsity

Dylan 1920

Dylan Blake

Men's Varsity
6'2" II Dylan is from Bay Area, California. He is joining the varsity team as a freshman. Dylan has rowed for Los Gatos Rowing Club in San Jose, California for the past two years and is excited to continue his rowing career for Colorado. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Dylan enjoys drinking chocolate milk and long walks on the beach.
Jacob 1920

Jacob Bradley

Men's Varsity
6'0" || Jacob Bradley is a Political Science Major and History Minor from Springfield, Virginia. This is Jacob’s 8th year of rowing in total and 4th year rowing for Colorado Crew. Throughout high school he rowed for West Springfield High School and Resilient Rowing. Jacob founded and currently moderates a team chat, and is also the current Social Media Chair for Colorado Crew. In his free time, Jacob enjoys making...

Ryan Childs

Men's Varsity
5'10" || Ryan Childs is from Westfield, New Jersey. He is an International Affairs major with minors in Japanese and Economics. Before coming to CU, Ryan sculled in high school and was the captian of his team. This is Ryan's third year on the team, and he is excited to return to Boulder after studying abroad in Japan during the fall semester. While in Japan, Ryan played baseball for a...

Charles Doremieux

Men's Varsity
6'5" || Charles is a third year rower from Littleton, Colorado. Charles is a Philosophy and Applied Mathematics double major. Charles is the Rent-A-Rower chairperson for the Crew team. In his free time Charles likes to read. Additionally, Charles is involved with many clubs on campus. Next time you see him, be sure to ask what his favorite book is.

Joe Geisz

Men's Varsity
5'10" || Joe Geisz is from Colorado and is in his fifth year at CU. However, this is his first year as a grad student in the Applied Math department. After joining CU crew as a sophomore and rowing three semesters, he studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and took his senior year off from rowing. Graduating gave Joe Geisz the extra wisdom he needed to realize his mistake, so he...

Brandon Julian

Men's Varsity
6'4" || Brandon Julian is from Longmont, Colorado. This will be his third and a half year with the team. Brandon is the Vice President of Finance for Colorado Crew. Outside of rowing, Brandon likes to watch movies, read books, drink Diet Coke, and go to the beach. Also, he is learning to play golf and wasting his height advantage in basketball.

Aaron Miller

Men's Varsity
6'0" || Aaron Miller, Alumni Relations. Aaron is from Sherman Oaks, California. He has been rowing with Colorado Crew for three years. For the second year, Aaron is the Alumni Relations chairperson for our team.
Richie 1920

Richie Puls

Men's Varsity
6'2" || Richie is from Chicago, Illinois. He is a 2nd year rower at CU studying Biology. Outside of rowing and school, Richie enjoys genetics research. Additionally, he plays his double bass in the University Campus Orchestra. A fun fact about Richie is that he can rap the album ATLiens by Outkast in its entirety. Richie is one of the Men’s Team Captains.

Riccardo Rapetti

Men's Varsity
5'7" || Riccardo is a second year rower from Sweeden. He is a sophomore at CU studying MCDB and Neuroscience. Outside of rowing, Riccardo travels, follows car racing, trains therapy dogs, and eats in the C4C with his teammates.

Ryan Rebori

Men's Varsity
5'11" || Ryan Rebori is from Kansas City. This will be his second year with Colorado Crew. Ryan is a Business Major with minors in history and economics. Ryan loves to hike 14ers and be in the mountains whenever he can.

Joshua Schmitz

Men's Varsity
6'2" || Joshua Schmitz is from Melbourne, Florida. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. This is Josh’s fourth year on the team. For Fall term, Josh is working in North Dakota for Northrop Grumman in their aerospace systems division. Josh prides himself as being one of the top five Logistic Coordinators on the team; a coveted board position which has only been held by four...
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Atharva Shinde

Men's Varsity
5'11" || Atharva Shinde is from Naperville, Illinois. He is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Business. This is his second year rowing for Colorado. Outside of Colorado Crew, Atharva is a part of Engineers Without Borders. In his free time he enjoys eating oranges, not sitting up straight, eating his Grandma's cooking, and going on long walks on the beach with Dylan.
stefan 1920

Stefan Suárez

Men's Varsity
5'7" || Stefan Suárez is a four year rower from Boulder, Colorado. Coming from a sprinting background in track and field, he prides himself as a lightweight rower. After completing his first marathon this past September, Stefan was asked repeatedly by many whether he would do another. His response, "my legs still haven't forgiven me and I need more than 5 hours of sleep." Stefan is always striving to get...

Women's Varsity

Sarah 1920

Sarah Fowle

Women's Varsity
5'6" || Sarah Fowle is a senior from the far away city of Louisville, Colorado (15 min down the road from CU). She has been on the team for three years. She is clearly a fan of abstract sports, as before joining the rowing team she did competitive jump rope for 11 years! Sarah is one of the Women’s Team Captains.

Lizzie Hoelscher

Women's Varsity
5'4" || Lizzie is a senior at CU Boulder set to graduate early with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Lizzie is originally from Aurora, Colorado. This will be her third year rowing for Colorado Crew. Lizzie is the Vice President of Administration for the team. Outside of Colorado Crew, Lizzie is a president of the International Honor's Society in Psychology and works at local hospital in inpatient behavioral...

Vickie Hooper

Women's Varsity
5'9" || Vickie Hooper is a 5'9 senior from Los Gatos, California. She joined the team her sophomore year at CU, making this her third year on the team. Vickie is the Colorado Crew 2019-2020 President. Outside of rowing and school, Vickie is a Deputy Probation Officer for the 20th Judicial District Probation Office in Longmont, CO.

Katarina Mislinski

Women's Varsity
5'11" || Katarina Mislinski was born in Haleiwa, Hawaii, but moved to Boulder with her family as a child. This is Kat’s second year on the team. Kat is a pre-med student, for she wants to work for Doctors Without Borders. Her favorite thing to do, besides rowing, is mountain biking and traveling with her family.
adair 1920

Adair Patillo

Women's Varsity
5'5" || Adair Pattillo is from Aspen, Colorado. This will be her second year rowing. Last year, she was selected to the Freshmen All-American team. Also, she is the Fundraising Chairperson for the team. Adair is an Environmental Major and a Film Studies Minor. Adair works as a raft guide in the summertime and enjoys hiking the Colorado 14ers (7 down!).
jasmine 1920

Jasmine Wilson

Women's Varsity
5"3" || Mesquite, TX || MCDB

Men's Novice


Carson Beck

Men's Novice
6'1" || Carson is a Novice from Chandler, Arizona. He is a Political Science Major here at CU. At his local arcade back home, Carson holds the high score for Laser Tag.

Izaak Beusmans

Men's Novice
5'10" || Izaak Beusmans is a Freshman from Medford, Massachusetts. Izaak is working toward an Aerospace Major as well as a Space Minor. He likes to read in his free time and travel with his family. He also likes going on long walks on the beach with Dylan, Atharva, and Fran.

Charlie Bourland

Men's Novice
5"7' || Charlie is a Novice from Miami, Florida. He is a Computer Science Major. Charlie has lived for two years in Brazil before coming to CU.

Jackson Haile

Men's Novice
5'9" || Jackson is a Novice from New Haven, Connecticut. Jackson is studying Aerospace Engineering here at CU. Before rowing, Jackson used to play water polo. Jackson has a pet Schnauzer named Wilhelm.

Karl Lapham

Men's Novice
6'1" || Karl is a Novice from Atlanta, Georgia. He is studying Business at CU. While living in Atlanta, Karl was once an extra in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but he was playing an alien and is unrecognizable under the heavy makeup.

Kel Molbak

Men's Novice
6'1" || Kel is a Novice from Spokane, Washington. Kel is studying Biology here at CU. Kel's favorite animal is the giraffe and wants to work at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo giraffe exhibit once he graduates. Kel does not like pictures.

Jay Olson

Men's Novice
6'5" || Jay is a Novice from Longmont, Colorado. He is studying Architecture here at CU. Because he is so tall, Jay was planning to join CU's fencing team, however he was attracted to rowing instead. He claims this is because he "just really likes boats." Jay once met Wes Anderson while vacationing in Paris, France.

Hunter Roberts

Men's Novice
6'2" || Hunter Roberts is a Novice from South Elgin, Illinois. He is a Chemistry Major. Hunter greatly enjoys eating hot dogs, and wants to work for Oscar Mayer when he graduates from CU.
Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts

Men's Novice
6'0" || Ryan Roberts is a Novice from Conifer, Colorado. He is an Aerospace Enginering Major, but is also a Physics and Russian Minor. Ryan enjoys gardening in his free time and currently takes care of a small potted bonsai tree.
nick nm

Nicklaus Spina

Men's Novice
5"10' || Nick is a Novice from Mathuen, Massachusetts. He is studying to earn a Major in Integrated Physiology here at CU. In his free time, Nick loves playing old PS2 games. He actually holds the speedrun record for beating Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time! Nick hopes to continue his career in being fast here at CU rowing.

Nainoa Umbhau

Men's Novice
6'1" || Nainoa is a Freshman from Durango, Colorado. When not rowing, Nainoa enjoys mountain biking and playing guitar.

Henry Waldstreicher

Men's Novice
5'8" || Henry is a Novice rower from Denver, Colorado. He is pursuing a dual major in both Physics and Mathematics. Henry loves to eat beans at the C4C, sing in his a cappella group, and compose music in his free time.

Women's Novice

Heidi Cabell

Women's Novice
5'7" || Heidi is a Novice Woman from Los Angeles, California. She is a Geography Major and Geographic Information Science Minor. A fun fact about Heidi is that Jacob's 1998 Honda Accord is named after her!

Madison Cooper

Women's Novice
5'3" || Madison Cooper is a Novice from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She is an Integrative Physiology Major. Before joining the Crew team, Madison was a competitive cheerleader for four years. She is also currently in the marching band at CU.

Grace Girmscheid

Women's Novice
5'2" || Grace is a Freshman from Peoria, Arizona. She is a Neuroscience Major. Grace works as a sandwitch maker on Pearl Street, and likes Crocs, stickers, and stickers of Crocs. In her free time, Grace enjoys eating at the C4C with Riccardo.

Molly Glandt

Women's Novice
5'8" || Molly is a Novice from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is studyig for a Integrative Physiology Major here at CU. Before joining the rowing team, Molly played basketball in high school. She decided to make the switch because rowing is less harsh on her knees.

Christina Heese

Women's Novice
5'8" || Christina is a Novice Woman from Denver Colorado. She is studying Business and Political Science. Before coming to CU, Christina used to live in Bangkok, Thailand.

Marlowe Keena

Women's Novice
5'3" || Marlowe is a Novice from Littleton, Colorado. She is an Art Practices Major at CU. Before joining the rowing team, Marlowe was a dancer for fifteen years.

Genevieve McFadden

Women's Novice
5'4" || Genevieve is a Novice from Windsor, Colorado. She is studying at Colorado for a Chemistry Major. Genevieve's favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops. She still has a Triceratops stuffed animal named Tricey that she keeps in her room.

Alex Meldrum

Women's Novice
5'3" || Alex is a Novice from Fenton, Michigan. She is studying for both a Psychology and Environmental Studies Major. Alex once met Barack Obama as a kid at a campaign event. She was given a button and keeps it to this day.

Taylor Mulqueeney

Women's Novice
5'4" || Taylor is a Novice rower from Issaquah, Washington. She is studying at CU for a Biochemistry Major. Before rowing, Taylor played competitive soccer and ran track. She enjoys taking adventures to hike, snowboard, and explore Colorado with her friends.

Olivia Scott

Women's Novice
5'5" || Olivia Scott is a Novice from Fort Collins, Colorado. She is an Intergrative Physiology Major. In her free time, Olivia likes to cook and make "a bomb spaghetti sauce."

Hannah Sherwood

Women's Novice
5'6" || Hannah is a Novice from Three Rivers, California. She is studying at CU for Majors in Aerospace and Electrical Engineering as well as a Space Minor. Before joining the rowing team this year, Hannah played competitive soccer the previous two years at College of the Sequoias. By studying engineering at CU, Hannah is advancing her goal of working on the ISS. In her freetime, Hannah loves being outdoors,...