Perry Barth

5'10" || Perry Barth, is from Greenwich, Connecticut. This is her second year with the Colorado Crew team, but her seventh year rowing. Perry is a Film-Critical Studies Major, and Political Science and Business Minor. Perry does not like coming up with fun facts about herself.

Livy Bulik

5'3" || This is Livy Bulik’s third year as a coxswain for Colorado Crew. Livy is from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Livy is double majoring in history and classics, recently traveled abroad, and has double-jointed elbows!
mae 1920

Mae Cosgrove

5'2" || Mae Cosgrove is a coxswain from Denver, CO. This is her second year on the team. Mae is majoring in Linguistics with minors in Spanish and Sociology. Mae is the Logistics Coordintor for the 2019-2020 Crew Season. Mae once bowled a perfect game in Wii sports.

Jonathan Hester-McCullough

5'8" II Jonathan Hester-McCullough is a new addition to the CU rowing team this semester, though this is his sixth year coxing in general. He's a little on the taller side for a cox, but it's what he does best. He grew up in Sacramento, California, but recently moved from Seattle, Washington. When he's not on the water, he enjoys playing Borderlands 3 and exploring the Flatirons.

Men's Varsity

Dylan 1920

Dylan Blake

Men's Varsity
6'2" II Dylan is from Bay Area, California. He is joining the varsity team as a freshman. Dylan has rowed for Los Gatos Rowing Club in San Jose, California for the past two years and is excited to continue his rowing career for Colorado. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Dylan enjoys drinking chocolate milk and long walks on the beach.
Jacob 1920

Jacob Bradley

Men's Varsity
6'0" || Jacob Bradley is a Political Science Major and History Minor from Springfield, VA. This is Jacob’s 8th year of rowing in total and 4th year rowing for Colorado Crew. Throughout high school he rowed for West Springfield High School and Resilient Rowing. Jacob founded and currently moderates a team chat, which he designed with community building in mind.

Benjamin Chilton

Men's Varsity
5'10" || Ben Chilton is a Chemical Engineering major from Centennial, Colorado. He is 5’10 and a first year varsity team member. He enjoys taking pictures in his free time and loves writing orchestral music.

Charles Doremieux

Men's Varsity
6'5" || Charles is a third year rower from Littleton Colorado. Charles is a Philosophy and Applied Math double major. Charles is the Rent-A-Rower chairperson for the Crew team. In his free time Charles likes to read. Additionally, Charles is involved with many clubs on campus. Next time you see him, be sure to ask what his favorite is.

Joe Geisz

Men's Varsity
5'10" || Joe is from Colorado and is in his fifth year at CU. However, this is his first year as a grad student in the Applied Math department. After joining CU crew as a sophomore and rowing three semesters, he studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and took his senior year off from rowing. Graduating gave Joe the extra wisdom he needed to realize his mistake, so he has come...

Brandon Julian

Men's Varsity
6'4" || Brandon Julian is from Longmont, Colorado. This year will be his fourth year with the team. Brandon is the Vice President of Finance for Colorado Crew. Outside of rowing, Brandon likes to watch movies, read books, and go to the beach. Also, he is learning to play golf and wasting his height advantage in basketball.

Aaron Miller

Men's Varsity
6'0" || Aaron Miller, Alumni Relations. Aaron is from Sherman Oaks California. He has been rowing with Colorado Crew for three years. For the second year, Aaron is the Alumni Relations chairperson for our team.
Richie 1920

Richie Puls

Men's Varsity
6'2" || Richie is from Chicago, Illinois. He is a 2nd year rower at CU studying Biology. Outside of rowing and school, Richie enjoys genetics research. Additionally, he plays his double bass in the University Campus Orchestra. Richie is one of the Men’s Team Captains.

Riccardo Rapetti

Men's Varsity
5'10" || Riccardo is a second year rower from Switzerland. He is a sophomore at CU studying MCDB. Outside of rowing, Riccardo travels, follows car racing, trains therapy dogs, and eats in the C4C with his teammates.

Ryan Rebori

Men's Varsity
5'11" || Ryan Rebori is from Kansas City. This will be his second year with Colorado crew. Ryan is a Business Major with minors in history and economics. Ryan loves to hike 14ers and be in the mountains whenever he can.
dirty tharv1920

Atharva Shinde

Men's Varsity
5'11" || Atharva Shinde is from naperville, Illinois. He is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Business. This is his second year rowing for Colorado. Outside of Colorado Crew, Atharva is a part of Engineers Without Borders. In his free time he enjoys eating oranges, spending time with his grandma, and going on long walks on the beach with Dylan.
stefan 1920

Stefan Suárez

Men's Varsity
5'7" || Stefan Suarez is a four year rower from Boulder, Colorado. Coming from a sprinting background in track and field, he prides himself as a lightweight rower. After completing his first marathon this past September, Stefan was asked repeatedly by many whether he would do another. His response, "my legs still haven't forgiven me and I need more than 5 hours of sleep". Stefan is always striving to get...

Women's Varsity

Taylor 1920

Taylor Buechel

Women's Varsity
5'4" || This is Taylor’s second year on the team. Taylor is a Biochemical Engineering major. She grew up in Singapore. Outside of Colorado Crew, Taylor likes to take hiking trips. Everst base camp has been her favorite so far.
Sarah 1920

Sarah Fowle

Women's Varsity
5'6" || Sarah Fowle is a senior from the far away city of Louisville, Colorado (15 min down the road from CU). She has been on the team for three years. She is clearly a fan of abstract sports, as before joining the rowing team she did competitive jump rope for 11 years! Sarah is one of the Women’s Team Captains.

Lizzie Hoelscher

Women's Varsity
5'4" || Lizzie is a senior at CU Boulder set to graduate early with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Lizzie is originally from Aurora, CO. This will be her third year rowing for Colorado Crew. Lizzie is the Vice President of Administration for the team. Outside of Colorado Crew, Lizzie is a president of the International Honor's Society in Psychology.

Vickie Hooper

Women's Varsity
5'9" || Vickie Hooper is a 5'9 senior from Los Gatos, California. She joined the team her sophomore year at CU, making this her third year on the team. Vickie is the Colorado Crew 2019-2020 President. Outside of rowing and school, Vickie is a Deputy Probation Officer for the 20th Judicial District Probation Office in Longmont, CO.

Katarina Mislinski

Women's Varsity
5'11" || Katarina Mislinski was born in Haleiwa, Hawaii, but moved to Boulder with her family as a child.This is Kat’s second year on the team.Kat is a pre-med student, for she wants to work for Doctors Without Borders. Her favorite thing to do, besides rowing, is mountain biking and traveling with her family.
adair 1920

Adair Patillo

Women's Varsity
5'5" || Adair Pattillo is from Aspen Colorado. This will be her second year rowing. Last year, she was selected to the Freshmen All-American team. Also, she is the Fundraising Chairperson for the team. Adair is an Environmental Major and a Film Studies Minor. Adair works as a raft guide in the summertime and enjoys hiking the Colorado 14ers (7 down!).
Kaylee 1920

Kaylee Sanderson

Women's Varsity
5'9" || Kaylee Sanderson is a second year rower from Irvine, California. She is studying Geography and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Kaylee is a harsh critic of the clouds, and runs a cloud rating account which is beloved by her teammembers. Kaylee is one of the Women’s Team Captains.
eden 1920

Eden Solberg

Women's Varsity
5'6" || Eden Solberg is a second year rower from Chicago, Illinois. She is majoring in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. Eden is the Social Media Chairperson for Colorado Crew, so if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or catasptrophes regarding these bios, the website, or social media posts, please send them her way. Outside of rowing, Eden is likes to bake, read, and take naps.
Emma 1920

Emma Teehan

Women's Varsity
5'1" II Emma Teehan is a Sophomore from Colorado Springs. She is double majoring in Computer Science and International Affairs. This will be Emma's second year with the Colorado Crew Team. Outside of rowing, Emma loves to play soccer and listen to music.

Julia Tucker

Women's Varsity
5'10" || Julia Tucker is from Annapolis, Maryland. She is a Sophomore Aerospace Engineering Major. This is Julia’s second year with Colorado Crew and her first year on the Varsity team. Julia leads an active life, spending her free time playing basketball and volleyball. During her summers, she works as a sailing instructor, and participating in sailing regattas.
Annika 1920

Annikka Turmala

Women's Varsity
6'0" || Annikka Turmala is a junior at CU, studying Math. She was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. This is her second year on the Colorado Crew Team. Outside of rowing, Annikka loves art and fashion.
Ainsley 1920

Ainsley Watkins

Women's Varsity
5'9" || Ainsley Watkins is a freshman from Saint Louis, Missouri. This is her first season rowing for Colorado Crew. Ainsley has been rowing for five years. Outside of rowing, Ainsley loves woodworking and messy buns.
lexi 1920

Lexi Wilkes

Women's Varsity
5'5" || Lexi is a junior from Saint John, Indiana. This will be Lexi’s second year on the Colorado Crew Team. She is studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Lexi loves her three-legged cat with her whole heart.
jasmine 1920

Jasmine Wilson

Women's Varsity
5"3" || Mesquite, TX || MCDB