We often give workshops through FTEP on clickers and learning goals. For an up to date schedule see FTEP Website for details.

End Of Year Events

Event Date Event Name Link
5-2013 2013 SEI/CSL End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event pdf
5-2012 2012 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event web
5-2011 2011 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event web
5-2010 2010 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event web
5-2009 2009 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event  
5-2008 2008 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event   
5-2007 2007 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event   
12-2006 2006 SEI End-of-term Departmental-sharing Event  

Selected Archived Events

Event date Event Name Links

Faculty workshops on use of

  • Clickers and Peer Instruction, and
  • Learning Goals

Can be found on our workshop page.

We also have workshop materials available for you to download to use in your own workshops on clickers

9/2012 Presentation: What the SEI Physics Faculty update. The STF's in Physics provided a summary and discussion of work in the department to date. By Ben Zwickl, Danny Caballero, Stephanie Chasteen, Bethany Wilcox, and Charlie Bailey. slides
01-2008 Seminar: Wendy Adams (Director of Research, Science Education Initiative, University of Colorado-Boulder) - Problem Solving; understanding and evaluating the many components of skills, processes, and beliefs  
2008-2012 Presentations: Dr. Stephanie Chasteen, Rachel Pepper, Steven Goldhaber, Steven Pollock(University of Colorado, Senior Teaching Fellow SEI / Postdoc Fellow PER) - Transforming Electricity and Magnetism for Physics Majors. One of the first forrays in the PER community into restructuring upper division physics. We have provided various presentations onthe goals, processes, and current status of the effort. web
09-2007 Colloquium in Geosciences: Andrea Bair and Jennifer Stempien, (University of Colorado, Senior Teaching Fellows SEI - Geological Sciences) - Student beliefs in Introductory Geology courses.  
03-2007 Faculty Workshop: Attending to More than Content Mastery: Assessing student attitudes and beliefs in our classrooms  
02-2007 Faculty Workshop: "Are your students learning the main concepts? Defining learning goals and assessing as you go."