CUSEI End-of-Year Event

May 5 , 2011


Introduction, Kathy Perkins
PDF Impact of Undergraduate Science Course Innovation on Learning - Heidi Iverson and Derek Briggs, School of Education
PDF Are majors achieving our key goals? Involving faculty and students in the creation of a cumulative assessment - Jenny Knight, MCDB

Poster Session


Faculty and Science Teaching Fellows have put together 22 posters on what’s happening in the Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences, Chemistry, Geosciences, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Integrative Physiology, and Physics CUSEI programs. These present ways to implement: teaching strategies that engage students with the material, measuring conceptual understanding, TA development, improving students’ ability to apply learning to novel situations, and many other educational improvements.

All Departments
PDFThe CU Science Education Initiative: Departments and Faculty Take Action to Improve Science Education SEI Central: Kathy Perkins

Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences
Department Poster
PDFFinal results on a 2300 student study on Astro 101 students' difficulties with cosmology: A lecture-tutorial approach Colin S. Wallace, Edward E. Prather, Doug Duncan, and CATS
PDFLearning and Interactive Behavior in Large, Lecture Classes: Note-taking, Laptop Use, Cell Phone Use, and Grades Duncan, Douglas, Hoekstra, Angel and Bethany R. Wilcox

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Department Poster
Science Education Initiative in Chemistry Robert Parson
Implementation, impacts, sustainability, and growth of the Learning Assistant (LA) program in Chemistry Laurie Langdon, Robert Parson, Susan Hendrickson, Amy Palmer
PDFStudent Understanding of the Electrochemical Cell and the Salt Bridge Marta Maron, Robert Parson

Geological Sciences
PDFScience Education Initiative in Geological Sciences – A Summary David A. Budd
PDFUsing Classroom Activities in Introductory Geology Courses Michael Vredevoogd, Andrea Bair, David Budd
Efforts to Improve Students' Scientific Explanations in Upper Level Geology Classes Andrea Bair, Mary Kraus

Integrative Physiology
PDFScience Education Initiative in Integrative Physiology Teresa E. Foley, Francoise Bentley, Katharine Semsar, William Byrnes
PDFNeuron Simulation: Allowing Students to Visualize the Invisible During the Action Potential Françoise Bentley, Janet Casagrand, Katherine Perkins, Noah Podolefsky
PDFHow Physiology Students Value and Use Learning Goals Teresa E. Foley, Francoise Bentley, Katharine Semsar, William Byrnes
PDFThe Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey (CLASS) for use in Biology IPHY/MCDB: Katharine Semsar, Jennifer K. Knight, Gülnur Birol, Michelle K. Smith

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Science Education Initiative in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology William Wood, Jenny Knight
Using one-minute papers and in-class questions to change student understanding of molecular movements J. Shi, H. Chun, J. K. Knight, and J. M. Martin
What do undergraduate students consider when designing and analyzing experiments? J. Shi, M. W. Klymkowsky, and J. K. Knight
What are they actually talking about? Analyzing student discussions of clicker questions. Sarah B. Wise, Katie Southard, Breanna Pritchard, Jennifer Knight

Department Poster
PDFScience Education Initiative in Physics Steven Pollock, Kathy Perkins, Heather Lewandowski, Paul Beale, Rachel Pepper, Stephanie Chasteen, Ben Zwickl
Upper-division physics labs: Learning goals, assessments, and ongoing work on a redesigned lab curriculum Benjamin Zwickl, Charles Rogers, Kathy Perkins, Noah Finkelstein, and Heather Lewandowski
PDFFour years of transforming upper-division physics: Results and lessons learned PHYS: Stephanie Chasteen, Rachel Pepper, Steven Pollock, Kathy Perkins
PDFA progress report on the first year of a middle-division physics course transformation Rachel Pepper, Danny Rehn, Nic Kuon, Steve Pollock, Kathy Perkins
PDFWho Becomes a Physics Major? Examining the Roles of Pre-college Beliefs about Physics and Learning Physics, Interest, and Academic Achievement Kathy Perkins, Mindy Gratny