CUSEI End-of-Year Event

May 6 , 2010


Introduction, Carl Wieman
PDFA research based approach to transforming upper-division pedagogy - Steve Pollock and Paul Beale
PDFHow learning and retention research transformed my teaching - Tin Tin Su and Michelle Smith

Poster Session


Faculty and Science Teaching Fellows have put together about 25 posters on what’s happening in the Geosciences, Physics, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Integrative Physiology, and Chemistry CUSEI programs. These present ways to implement: teaching strategies that engage students with the material, measuring conceptual understanding, TA development, improving students’ ability to apply learning to novel situations, and many other educational improvements.

All Departments
PDFStudents want homework! Who it helps, how it helps, and ways to make it work for you - Sarah Wise, Jia Shi, and Francoise Bentley

PDFSharing the love: SEI Outreach efforts - Stephanie Chasteen, Kathy Perkins, and Carl Wieman

Chemistry & Biochemistry
Department Poster
PDFWhat do chemists do? Engaging first-year majors with career and research examples from chemistry and biochemistry - Thomas Cech, Daniel Feldheim, and Laurie Langdon
Implementation, impacts, sustainability, and growth of the Learning Assistant (LA) program in Chemistry - Laurie Langdon, Susan Hendrickson, Robert Parson, and Amy Palmer
PDFInstructor (and student) benefits of using online message boards - Susan Hendrickson and Laurie Langdon

Geological Sciences
PDFDepartment Poster
PDFThe Challenges and Rewards to Teaching a Learner-Centered Course - Leilani Arthurs and Gifford H. Miller
PDFUsing "warm-ups" and designing scaffolding: transferable strategies for reforming upper level majors' lab components in Geology - Andrea Bair, Kristin Jacob, and Joseph Smith
PDFPreliminary results: Promoting high-quality written explanations by students in an upper level Geology course - Andrea Bair and Mary Kraus
PDFReading and Discussion in an upper-division classroom: How to get students to engage with material - Mike Vredevoogd and Greg Tucker

Integrative Physiology
PDFDepartment Poster
PDFInitial impact of IPHY teaching assistant training - Teresa Foley, Kate Semsar, Francoise Bentley, and Ruth Heisler
PDFThe in's and out's of faculty development: A look into the process of working with upper-division courses - Francoise Bentley, Teresa Foley, Kate Semsar, and David Norris
PDFDon't have a pre-post test, use a Bloom's rubric! The development and validation of a rubric for "blooming" assesments to measure course reform - Janet Casagrand
PDFHead, shoulders, knees, and toes. What concepts should your Anatomy students know? - Kate Semsar, Teresa Foley, Francoise Bentely, Ruth Heisler, Leif Saul, and Christopher Lowry

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Department Poster
Bringing to light (and possibly illuminating) student thinking about experimental design and the role of controls - Jia Shi, Michael W. Klymkowsky, and Joy Power
The effects of in-class concept questions on learning and retention in genetics - Jennifer Knight, Ken Krauter, Bill Wood, and Michelle Smith

Department Poster
PDFTutorials in the upper-division: Learning advanced problem solving skills - Rachel Pepper, Steve Goldhaber, Steven Pollock, Thomas Schibli, Andreas Becker, and Oliver DeWolfe
PDFWhy don't students learn the material? Methodologies for discovering student difficulties - Rachel Pepper, Steve Goldhaber, Steven Pollock, and Kathy Perkins
PDFBut does it last? Sustainability of our course transformation efforts - Stephanie Chasteen, Rachel Pepper, Steve Goldhaber, Paul Beale, and Kathy Perkins