The team at the NSF National AI Institute for AI Teaming has contributed to an abundance of quality research papers since the Institute’s inception in 2020. Many have received prestigious awards. In addition to published journal articles, Institute faculty, including students and postdocs, disseminate research findings through academic presentations, keynote talks, and conference proceedings. Below are some of the most recent works; see the categories on the right for a more complete listing.


Toward argument-based fairness with an application to AI-enhanced educational assessments

Authors: Manley, C., Booth, B., & D'Mello, S. K
Publication date: 2022
Type: Article Journal: Journal of Educational Measurement

Psychological measurement in the information age:  machine-learned computational models

Authors: D’Mello, S. K., Tay, L., Southwell, R.
Publication date: 2022
Type: Article Journal: Current Directions in Psychological Science

Using participatory design studies to collaboratively create teacher dashboards

Authors: Dey, I., Dickler, R., Hirshfield, L., Goss, W., Tissenbaum, M., Puntambekar, S.
Publication date: 2022
Type: Conference Proceeding: Artificial Intelligence in Education Conference – AIED 2022

Open-domain dialogue generation: what we can do, cannot do, and should do next

Authors: Kann, K., Ebrahimi, A., Koh, J., Dudy, S., Roncone, A.
Publication date: 2022
Type: Conference Proceeding: Association for Computational Linguistics

Do speech-based collaboration analytics generalize across task contexts?

Authors: Pugh, S., Rao, A., Stewart, A., & D’Mello, S. K.
Publication date: 2022
Type: Conference Proceeding: Proceedings of the 12th Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference (LAK 2022)

Multimodal semantics for affordances and actions

Authors: Pustejovsky, J., & Krishnaswamy, N.
Publication date: 2022
Type: Conference Proceeding: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Challenges and feasibility of automatic speech recognition for modeling student collaborative discourse in classrooms

Authors: Southwell, R., Pugh, S., Perkoff, M., Clevenger, Ch., Bush, J., Lieber, R., Ward, W., Foltz, P., and D’Mello, S.K.
Publication date: 2022
Type: Conference Proceeding: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2022)