We are working to develop AI Partners that collaborate with teams of students and their teachers to promote development of AI literacy, STEM competencies, and 21st century learning practices of collaborative problem solving and critical thinking.

The AI Partners are co-developed with K–12 teachers, diverse students, and other community stakeholders; continuously improved through classroom design and development studies. The goal is that our AI Partners will promote deep conceptual learning via rich socio-collaborative learning experiences for all students.

Emily setting up lab

 Learn more about our research Strands and themes by following the links below! 

Strand 1: Our Machine Learning Development Experts. This team focuses on developments in how machines process human language, gestures and emotions.

Strand 2: Our Team Science Experts. This team is striving to better understand how students, AI, and teachers can collaborate effectively in both classrooms and remote learning contexts.

Strand 3: Our Education Experts. This team is in the classrooms of our team partners, working hand in hand with students and teachers, collecting data and input that greatly influence the outcome of the AI Partner.

Institute-wide: Our Big Picture Experts. This team guides the classroom data collection and analysis, the framework for the technical architecture of the AI Partner, and the actual AI Partner design, implementation, and testing.