Orchestrating Interactions with AI

Strand 2 Lab

The foundational question for Strand 2 is: What advances in theories, interaction-paradigms, and frameworks are needed to orchestrate effective student and teacher interactions with AI partners? Our team science and human-computer interaction experts that make up Strand 2 aim to design the student-AI teaming models needed for an AI partner to scaffold 21st century learning practices. They are striving to better understand how students, AI, and teachers can collaborate effectively in both classrooms and remote learning contexts. Strand 2 also focuses on identifying socio-cognitive-affective states pertinent to student-AI team interactions, such as trust and joint attention, and ground them in neurophysiological signals. To accomplish this, Strand 2 has identified three research themes which are: Frameworks & Measures, Collaboration Processes & Orchestration, and UX Design & Multimodal Modeling.