Teaching grounded reading skills via an interactive robot tutor (preprint)

Authors: Bishop, K., and Roncone, A.
Publication date: 2021-03-12
Type: Conference Proceeding


Avoiding overlap in data augmentation for AMR-to-text generation

Authors: Du, W. and Flanigan, J.
Publication date: 2021
Type: Conference Proceeding


What would a teacher do? Predicting future talk moves

Authors: Ganesh, A., Kann, K., and Palmer, M. 
Publication date: 2021
Type: Conference Proceeding


Voice design to support young children's agency in child-agent interaction

Authors: Hubbard, L., Ding, S., Le, Vi., Kim, P., Yeh, T.
Publication date: 07-2021
Type: Conference Proceeding


Child-robot interactoin to integrate relective storytelling into creative play

Authors: Hubbard, L., Chen, Y., Colunga, E., Kim, P., Yeh, T.
Publication date: 06-2021
Type: Conference Proceeding 


Embodied multimodal agents to bridge the understanding gap

Authors: Krishnaswamy, N., and Alalyani, N.
Published in: Association for Computational Linguistics
Publication Date: 04-20-2021
Type: Conference Proceeding


Compositional embedding models for speaker identification and diarization with simultaneous speech 2+ speakers

Authors: Li, D. and Whitehill, J. 
Published in: ICASSP 2021 - 2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
Publication Date: 06-06-2021
Type: Conference Proceeding 


Say what? Automatic modeling of collaborative problem solving skills from student speech in the wild

Authors: Pugh, S., Subburaj, S.K., Rao, A.R., Steward, A., Andrews-Todd, J., D'Mello, S.K., 
Publication Date: 06-29-2021
Type: Conference Proceeding


A pose proposal and refinement network for better 6D object pose estimation

Authors: Trabelsi, A., Chaabane, M., Blanchard, N., Beveridge, R.
Publication date: 01-2021
Type: Conference Proceeding 


Building an emotionally responsive avatar with dynamic facial expressions in human-computer interactions

Authors: Wang, H., Gaddy, V., Beveridge, R., Ortega, F.
Publication date: 03-20-2021
Published in: Multimodal Technologies and Interaction
Type: Article Journal