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Grade replacement enables undergraduate and graduate students to retake a course in which they earned a low grade* in an attempt to improve their cumulative GPAs.

Beginning with the Spring 2022 semester, if a student is retaking an eligible course in which they’ve earned a low grade, grade replacement will be applied automatically. Students no longer need to submit the grade replacement request form by the deadline. 

If a student is retaking a course but does not want grade replacement applied, they may opt out by emailing by the last day of classes of the semester. 

Other changes:

  • There are no longer credit limits on grade replacement.
  • Nondegree students enrolled in credit-bearing CU Boulder courses are now also eligible for grade replacement. (Law students are still not eligible.)

*Eligible grades include C- and below for undergraduate and nondegree students; C+ and below for graduate and graduate nondegree students. Grades earned due to academic dishonesty aren't eligible for grade replacement.

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