FitWell offers Adult Swim lessons at various times throughout the year.

Adult Swim Lessons Level 1

This is a beginner level class for swimmers with little or no experience. We will cover the basics of swimming strokes and water safety including floating, gliding, stroke introduction and deep water skills.

Returning Fall 2019

Adult Swim Lessons Level 2

This is an intermediate level class for swimmers with moderate experience who are comfortable in the water. We will focus on stroke and skill development including breathing, building endurance, deep water comfort, treading and an opportunity for development of a single stroke.

Returning Fall 2019

Adult Swim Lessons Level 3

Level 3 swim lessons are ideal for the swimmer who wishes to further develop their swim technique and efficiency. Participants will explore flip turns, stroke refinement and alternate breathing techniques. Use of training tools such as pull bouys, kickboards and hand paddles will also be introduced.

Days: Mon/Wed
Time: 6-7pm
Dates: 4/1/2019 to 4/24/2019
Location: Clare Pool
Fee: $45


Swim Strong

Swim Strong offers a great lap swim workout where participants will improve fitness level, technique and stroke. Our on deck coaches will provide instruction and motivation each class along with a 3-level workout to accommodate varying fitness levels and swimming experience. This class is perfect for recreational swimmers and competitive swimmers alike.

Check out the Group Fitness Schedule for Swim Strong days and times.