Srikar Reddy Nelavetla
Course Facilitator
Data Science

Srikar Reddy Nelavetla holds an undergraduate degree with Double majors in Mathematics and Statistics and minors in Computer Science. Currently, he is immersing himself in the world of data science through his master’s program. At CU Boulder, he serves as a course facilitator for several statistical courses within the online MS-DS program on Coursera, including Probability Theory: Foundation for Data Science (DTSA 5001), Statistical Inference for Estimation in Data Science (DTSA 5002), and Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing in Data Science Applications (DTSA 5003). Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Srikar is passionate about traveling, often exploring new cultures and destinations. He is also an avid cricket enthusiast, enjoying both playing and following the sport closely. Cricket, with its strategic depth and vibrant community, provides him with a perfect blend of physical activity and mental engagement.