Sai Krishna Sriram
Autograder Assistant
Data Science

Meet Krishna, a first-year Data Science Graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, who’s already making an impact as an Autograder Assistant for the MS-DS team. He’s also a Graduate Research Assistant at the HIRO Group, where he’s diving into the exciting world of Robotics. Krishna earned his bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from GRIET, Hyderabad. Before making his journey to Boulder, he served as an Associate Data Engineer at TCS, where he focused on optimizing data pipelines through efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading techniques. At Absolutelabs., as an ETL Developer, he specialized in designing and implementing complex ETL processes to handle large volumes of data with precision and scalability. Over two years, he amassed expertise in schema design, data cleansing, and performance tuning, ensuring seamless data flow and reliability in mission-critical systems. When he's not buried in data or tinkering with robots, you might find him working out, creating art, playing badminton, traveling around, ice skating, bowling at Connection UMC, or enjoying scenic adventures along Boulder Creek and admiring the stunning Flatirons. Krishna’s wide range of interests and talents make him a well-rounded and dynamic addition to any team.