A CUPD officer help CU Boulder students cross the street safelyOn average, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic collision every eight minutes nationwide. Most pedestrian injuries occur as the result of the inattentiveness of motorists and the failure of pedestrians to use crosswalks, combined. Additionally, the failure of both pedestrians and motorists to obey traffic signals can cause a fatality. By taking basic precautions and being aware of one’s surroundings, the likelihood of an unnecessary collision can be dramatically reduced.

Safety Tips For Pedestrians

As a pedestrian, it is your responsibility to make yourself visible and avoid dangerous behavior and situations. When possible, utilize the sidewalk; if not available, you should walk against the flow of traffic. Always obey crossing signals, but make sure to look both ways before crossing into the street. Even if you have the right of way, it is important to realize that vehicles may not always stop. Make eye contact with drivers and pay attention to the environment around you. If you are wearing headphones or talking on your cell phone while crossing the street, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and take extra care to avoid dangerous situations.

Safety Tips For Drivers

It is important for drivers to be aware of crossing pedestrians at all times, whether they are in marked or unmarked crosswalks. Obey the posted speed limit and always be prepared to stop for pedestrians who may not see or hear you. It is also the driver’s responsibility to maintain a safe speed when driving through residential and school areas. You should always avoid aggressive driving and never pass a vehicle that is stopped at a pedestrian crosswalk. When turning, make sure to be alert for pedestrians and give them the right-of-way. It is common for pedestrians to enter the crosswalk while you are waiting for a gap in traffic.

Safety Tips For Bicycles

Bicyclists share the responsibility of being both a pedestrian and a vehicle. When on a pathway, a bicyclist takes on the role of a pedestrian. Even as a pedestrian you must travel at a safe speed, follow posted signs, and yield to other pedestrians. When traveling on roads a bicyclist is considered a vehicle and must obey the same traffic laws as other motorists. It is illegal to wear headphones while riding your bike because it can impair your senses. Additionally, if you bicycle while intoxicated you will be held to the same standards as other motorists and may be issued a DUI.

Safety Tips For Skateboards

Unlike bicycles, skateboarders must always act as pedestrians. This means skateboarders must take care and yield to other pedestrians while maintaining a safe speed. In some areas skateboarding is prohibited, so it is important to be aware and follow the posted laws. Since skateboards are not considered vehicles, skateboarders cannot ride in the street. If you are caught riding a skateboard in the street you may be issued a ticket.

Safety Tips for Scooters

In spring 2023, City Council gave the city of Boulder’s transportation and mobility team the green light to expand the Lime e-scooter program citywide with a phased and iterative approach. The city of Boulder and CU Boulder prioritize safety for the e-scooter program. In order to ensure scooters are parked properly and don’t block pathways and access points, parking will be limited to distinct “Lime Groves” (e-scooter parking areas), meaning that a trip cannot be ended in the app unless parked within the grove. Lime Grove locations will optimize access without overwhelming narrow pathways and access to dense areas of campus. Speed limits will be set to 8 mph when on campus and planned safety outreach includes helmet distribution. Each scooter is also equipped with headlights, tail lights and other security features.

General Safety Tips

  • Make eye contact with motorists if possible.
  • It is illegal to consume alcohol when operating a vehicle, bicycle, or skateboard.
  • Take extra care during times of high traffic, especially during dusk and dawn.
  • When crossing at an unmarked intersection, yield to motor vehicle traffic.
  • To cross intersections:
    • Stop walking before stepping into the crosswalk
    • Look both directions to make sure vehicles are stopped
    • Cross the street as quickly as possible
  • According to law, bicycles are required to have a front light and back reflector while traveling at night or in low-light conditions.
  • It is illegal to wear headphones while riding a bike. If you are wearing headphones as a skateboarder or pedestrian, it is recommended that you keep your music at low levels.
  • Be aware of traffic signs and safety laws on campus and in the community. As a citizen, it is your responsibility to know bike, skateboard, and pedestrian laws.

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