The flag of the state of ColoradoEvery city is allowed to set its own laws, and Boulder is no different. That means, what may have been legal in your home town, may not be here. Ignorance of a law is not a valid defense if you break that law. So, here are some things that are crimes here, but may not be where you are from.

  • The biggest confusion points when it comes to differing laws are minor in possession of drugs or alcohol and driving under the influence. To get the full story, click on the link in the menu on the right.

  • It is illegal to drive while wearing headphones. This includes headphones and earbuds. You may use one earbud for hands-free calling.

  • Boulder municipal code says that “No person upon any roller skate, in-line skate, skateboard, roller ski, ski, coaster, sled, toboggan, toy vehicle, child's tricycle or any similar device shall go upon a roadway except while crossing the roadway on a crosswalk.” The same code makes it a requirement for any wheeled device to yield to pedestrians on a sidewalk.

  • When riding a motorcycle or moped, you are only allowed to have as many riders as the vehicle is designed to carry. Just because you think that you can squeeze an extra rider on the seat doesn’t mean that it is legal. You have to have a second factory installed seat and foot pegs. It is also illegal to drive a motorcycle or moped while carrying anything that prohibits you from using two hands on the handlebars. If you have to hold it, you can’t drive with it.