Are you planning to drive your way around campus? You should know that the University of Colorado Boulder campus, and the City of Boulder, are very pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly. So, here are some tips, as a driver, that you need to be aware of.

  • Wear your seatbelt – In Colorado, seatbelts are mandatory for anyone sitting in the front seats of a car. They are highly recommended for people sitting in the back seat, unless the driver is under 18, then they are mandatory as well.
  • Put away your cell phone – Colorado does have laws governing who and how a cell phone can be used. Adults (anyone 18 years of age and older) may use a cell phone for voice calls only. Texting and any other manual use of a cell phone while sitting behind the wheel of a car (even if it is stopped) is prohibited. Headphones may be used for voice calls, but only in one ear.
  • Obey the speed limit – The speed limit on main campus roads are low for a reason. There are many crosswalks on main campus that require you come to a stop if a pedestrian or bicyclist is waiting to enter the walk. Keep to the speed limit and watch for people crossing the street.
  • Check your blind spot before turning – Because of the number of bike lanes that are on City of Boulder streets, you need to be aware of the blind spot to the right of your car when turning right. On those righthand turns, you also need to be aware of bicyclists and pedestrian entering the crosswalk as you turn.