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  • CU NightRide is Free for CU Students, Faculty and Staff. 303-492-7233
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CU NightRide is a student-operated program dedicated to meeting the safety needs of CU students, faculty and staff by providing night-time transportation to support a safe academic and socially responsible environment both on campus and in the community. CU NightRide is free for CU students, faculty and staff.

Clients will be asked to provide a CU ID to use the program. Those who do not have their ID available will be given a ride at the discretion of the driver.

How to Use CU NightRide

CU NightRide provides service on the main CU Boulder campus and from or to any point off campus within the city boundaries.

All clients with groups of two or larger must go to the nearest cross street at the established pick-up time. Singles who feel uncomfortable walking to the corner can make other arrangements with the dispatcher.

CU NightRide requests a phone number when the ride is scheduled. Clients can still schedule a ride if they do not have a phone number, but the dispatcher will be unable to call the client back. It is suggested that clients who do not have an available number call the dispatcher back near their scheduled pickup time.

Clients with group sizes larger than three can only schedule rides up to one hour in advance on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In an effort to maintain efficiency, drivers will wait five minutes for your group. This time begins at first contact by the dispatcher. If you miss your ride, your ride will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule a new one with the dispatcher.

All clients must keep the dispatcher apprised of their situation. Please call to cancel your ride if you no longer need it. Please let the dispatcher know if you have more or fewer people than originally scheduled. Because drivers are often scheduled to pick up multiple groups, your ride will automatically be cancelled if you try to bring more people then are scheduled. Drivers are in constant contact with the dispatcher.

During some nights, CU NightRide is unable to accommodate groups larger than four. On these nights the dispatcher may make recommendations for these groups to take the local late night transit or other bus systems. The dispatcher will provide information about bus schedules and stops.

Before clients call CU NightRide, they must know the location they are calling from, (the nearest cross-streets such as “the southwest corner of Euclid and 17th.”) They must know their destination; drivers do not have time to find a location. Clients who do not know their destination may be refused service.

CU NightRide reserves the right to refuse to escort individuals who act in an unsafe manner, exploit the service or harass personnel or their escorts. Acting in an unsafe manner includes, but is not limited to, refusing to follow an escort’s safety instructions (i.e. not wearing a seat belt), possession of a weapon, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or exhibiting violent or threatening behavior. In the event of refusal of service, our staff will make other safe transportation suggestions. If a person is refused service they may be banned from future use of the service and may face other disciplinary actions from CU.

If you would like to further support us, you can donate online at the foundation gift account for CU NightRide.