PLC is proud to have a strong alumni mentorship program. We support our students and larger PLC community by cultivating relationships between our students and professional mentors who have graduated the program.

The mentor program seeks to:

  • Create mentorship opportunities for students and mentors to connect in a meaningful, purposeful, and organic way
  • Provide support and guidance for students' professional development through the mentorship experience and serve as a bridge for both mentors and mentees
  • Cultivate a stronger and more supportive, intergenerational PLC community by linking current PLCers to alumni who are champions in their respective fields
  • Deepen the connection between alumni and current students

How It Works

The Process of Pairing Mentors & Mentees

We believe in the value of organically formed mentor relationships, so we will not pair you and a mentor together. This connection is up to you to initiate, and then left to you and your mentor to cultivate. However, if you have any questions on where to start—or what to ask—PLC has mentorship coordinators on student staff who will help to find a relationship that is right for you.

We recommend you begin by reviewing the mentor profiles and reaching out using the LinkedIn contact information provided. You are encouraged to look for and connect with individuals that best match your academic and career goals. 

It helps to prepare appropriately for any and all Alumni mentor meetings you attend. This can include writing down discussion points or preparing a list of questions you have. In some cases, it may be appropriate to share your questions with the alumni you are meeting, so they can best prepare to speak with you.

Once a Potential Mentor is Identified:

  • Contact mentors via their LinkedIn or email
  • Initiate a meeting (phone, Zoom, or in person). Come prepared with a list of 3-5 questions to guide your conversation.
  • If the connection is not a good fit, you are encouraged to continue to search the profiles and reach out to another alumni. We guarantee that if you are interested in something, there is an alumnus doing it!

As a Mentee, We Hope You Will be Able to:

  • Develop a professional network
  • Enhance your professional communication skills
  • Connect your academic studies with a possible career, and gain insight on experiences that will be of greatest benefit to your goals
  • Explore new ideas and areas of interest
  • Gain exposure to academic and career options following your undergraduate studies


  • Professionalism: Approach the mentoring relationship with professionalism and respect
  • Receptiveness: Be receptive to suggestions and feedback
  • Accountability: Be the driver of the relationship, be clear in your communications, and follow through on set expectations
  • Learn: Take this opportunity to engage in new conversations and challenge your way of thinking! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Have Fun: This should be an exciting opportunity for both you and the PLC alumni. They are always happy to share their experience and learn more about the exciting things our PLCers are involved with!

Get started now by viewing mentor profiles

Connect the Community!

Did you have a great conversation with a PLC alumnus? Want to share an opportunity to the PLC community? Reach out to Mentorship Coordinators to share your experience!