Based on George Gamow's renowned series of novels designed to introduce science to the eager novice, Igor Gamow re-introduces a new generation to the exciting and fascinating world of Mr. Tompkins. Partnering with Graphic Artist Scorpio Steele, Dr. Gamow has created a new series of graphic novels exploring science and the biographic history of the greatest minds of the scientific world -- including George Gamow himself! Each novel is available to read via publitas; the entire series is availble to purchase via!

Read the Graphic Novels

The Adventures of Mr. Tompkins and Einstein

Mr. Tompkins and the Atom

Mr. Tompkins and Madame Curie

Mr. Tompkins and Darwin

Mr. Tompkins and Mendel

Mr. Tompkins and DNA

Mr. Tompkins and Aristotle

Mr. Tompkins and Leonardo Da Vinci

Mr. Tompkins on Bees and Seas

Mr. Tompkins and George Gamow

The Complete Mr. Tompkins Teacher Edition