Published: Sept. 13, 2018

CU Boulder students have access to a full range of health services located conveniently on campus. Health and Wellness Services is here to keep your student healthy and get them back on track when they aren’t feeling well so they can make the most of their time here at CU.

Cold, Strep throat or other illness?

  • CU Boulder Medical Services offers a nurse line during normal business hours (303-492-3435) and can assess whether your student should be seen by a health care provider or can recommend self-care options. If your student does need to be seen, they can visit either of their two campus locations: Wardenburg Health Center on central campus and Health and Wellness Services at the Village Center in Williams Village.
  • Health Promotion on the first floor of Wardenburg Health Center offers a variety of free illness prevention and cold care supplies including hand sanitizer, tea, tissues, cough drops, reusable thermometers and salt (for gargling).
  • Flu shots will be available starting October 1 at various locations on campus and are free for students.

Stressed, overwhelmed or depressed?

  • Your student can take charge and manage their emotional health and well-being with SilverCloud Health, an online tool that provides personalized programs to help build skills around stress management, anxiety and/or depression.
  • Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) offers confidential, on-campus mental health and psychiatric services for a variety of concerns. They have free workshops and therapy groups on topics including anxiety, depression, relationships, time management, procrastination and mindfulness skills. If your student is unsure about what may be a good fit for them, CAPS also offers informal consultations at various locations across campus through the Let’s Talk program.
  • Physical activity and exercise are a great way to help manage stress. All fee-paying students have access to the CU Rec Center; they just need to bring their Buff OneCard for entrance!

Fall or other injury?

  • The Musculoskeletal Injury (MSK) Clinic provides free screenings for minor injuries involving muscles and joints by a physical therapist from CU Boulder Medical Services. Recommendations for injury prevention and self-care are also provided.
  • For more serious injuries that are not life- or limb-threatening, students can visit Medical Services at Wardenburg Health Center. They can assess and treat a variety of injuries and have x-Ray services on-site.

Visit the Health and Wellness Services website for a full list of services available to CU students.