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All students must complete the intake interview prior to scheduling the foreign language aptitude screening. 

The screening takes a minimum of 2 hours, so please be sure to leave plenty of time when selecting your appointment.

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The mission of the Center for Language and Learning (CLL) is to advise and assist undergraduate student at the University of Colorado in meeting the foreign language requirement for the baccalaureate degree.  The Center investigates the nature of oral and written learning differences in first and second languages and develops and implements model programs for students with unique styles for language learning that are disseminated nationally and internationally.  The CLL fosters interdisciplinary collaborative research and offers basic research and training opportunities for instructional faculty and students.

The Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP) is one of the hallmark programs for the Center.  It offers foreign language courses with curricular modifications that are aimed at meeting the needs of students who struggle inordinately with learning a foreign language. 

The Modified Foreign Language Program was developed at the University of Colorado-Boulder over 20 years ago to meet the needs of students who struggle inordinately with foreign language learning.  The university has a 2-3 semester foreign language requirement, depending on degree selected, but despite excellent progress toward completion of degree requirements, there remains a population of students who are significantly challenged by foreign language - often the final remaining hurdle to graduation.  We developed our unique, multi-sensory method of teaching foreign language to support these students' learning strengths.  We celebrate a 98% success rate with bringing our students to the necessary level of proficiency to complete their foreign language requirement for graduation.

The Modified Foreign Language Program serves all eligible baccalaureate degree seeking students at the University of Colorado-Boulder who need to fulfill the foreign language requirement for graduation and who qualify to participate in the program based on their learning style.  This is a unique model among institutions of higher education because it broadens student options for learning by utilizing techniques that support diversity in learning.  In addition, the Modified Foreign Language Program works closely with other university departments to increase the scope and spectrum of available student supports.

The modified classes support students with and without diagnosed language learning disabilities/challenges, students who've sustained traumatic brain injuries, students with sensory impairments, students with psychiatric diagnoses, returning veterans with multiple medical conditions that can impact language learning in addition to PTSD, and any other condition with demonstrated impact on foreign language learning abilities.