Program Components

Program Components 2022The McNeill Academic Program is a comprehensive program offering a range of components that weave together to support students in reaching their academic goals.

Through each program component, McNeill students will:

  • Get to know faculty and staff on an individual level
  • Get to develop their own academic expectations and standards through faculty and staff support
  • Be immersed in a diverse caring community




Program Requirements

We expect students to be engaged in their learning.  This includes being open to learning new ways of approaching academics.

Program requirements

  • Meet with McNeill Coordinator (minimum once per semester)
    • Students need to schedule at least one meeting with their McNeill Coordinator each semester to develop and discuss their academic and career success plan, and to assess their progress toward meeting their goals
  • Participate in the McNeill Academic Program events:
    • Student Retreats (for first year students) - Take 2 (January)
    • Academic and Professional Development workshops (attend two Power Hours or equivalent events per semester)
  • Enroll in appropriate McNeill writing, math, and chemistry courses and co-seminars 
    • First year students usually enroll in one McNeill course per semester and often take math, writing, and/or science, depending on their area of study.
  • Complete one Educational Enrichment Opportunity (such as internship or volunteer experience) before your senior year. 

McNeill provides innovative instruction.  We offer small classroom experience that are student centered and that incorporates inclusive teaching and collaborative learning practices.  We also offer supplemental instruction in STEM, Business and Social Sciences.  


  • Computer Lab 
  • Lounge
  • Study Groups 
  • Power Hours - Academic and professional development workshops
  • Events - Halloween, Day of the Dead and Pi Day just to name a few!



Power Hours are McNeill’s academic and professional development workshops. Power Hours build community and encourage networking between students, faculty, staff and professionals from the Denver/Boulder area.


  • Academic Coordinators are assigned to all McNeill Students
  • Peer Mentors are assigned to all incoming freshmen
  • Upper classmen are encouraged to become Peer Mentors

  • ​Instructional Assistants
  • Mentors
  • Student Advisory Board
  • Pre-Health

Freshman attend retreats designed to help acclimate them to university life.

  • Summer Launch, read about the Summer Launch experience here
  • Academic Intensive
  • Take 2, read about Take 2 from a student perspective here