Student Leadership Opportunities

McNeill Front Office-

The McNeill front office is hiring, apply here

The McNeill front office staff works directly with current students, incoming students and their families and McNeill professional staff. Student assistant responsibilites include creating flyers, managing social media, speaking with prospective students and responding to general phone and email inquiries.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is a program designed to support students during their first year at CU. McNeill Mentors support student’s successful transition to the academic, cultural and social demands of the university.

Emerging Health Professionals

Emerging Health Professionals helps students identify health professions that meet their career goals. Students gain the skills and experiences to be competitive in the application process to a professional school. Pre-Health students successfully gain internships and admission into medical, dental and other health professional schools. 

Student Advisory Board-

SAB members gain leadership experience, learn about program administration and gain resume experiences for internships, graduate school and a career. SAB is hiring, apply here

SASC Pre-Law Group

SASC Pre-Law seeks to help students make informed decisions about their legal education and career. Students will connect with Law professionals and build connections among their SASC peers also interested in Law.