SAB Members


The SAB application is currently closed.

What is the Student Advisory Board (SAB)?

The SAB gives the “student voice” to the operation of SASC and McNeill community.  The board provides consulting for SASC's long-term planning, plans events, and pilots new program initiatives to make SASC programs more relevant to students.  The board is comprised of a small group of SASC/McNeill students.

SAB's Mission:

The Student Advisory Board works to make McNeill a strong, vibrant community.  We aim to create an environment where students feel comfortable sharing ideas, asking for support, learning about campus opportunities, and most importantly having a place where students can just be who they are.  We are student driven and student centered!

Some initiatives from the SAB have included:

  • SASC Student of the Month
  • McNeill Jump Start to CU
  • SASC Mentor program
  • Spring Back to SASC
  • McNeill Student for a Day—volunteer to show an incoming student around campus
  • Crowdfunding Campaign

Benefits of Serving on the Board

The SAB is an excellent opportunity to have a voice in shaping the McNeill program, gain leadership experience and confidence, build resume experience and meet other students.

When does the SAB meet?

Meeting days and times will be established before the semester starts. They usually meet 4 times per month, or 5-7 hours/month.

Current Members:

  • Marco Torres
  • Jalen Sborov
  • Esmeralda  Guitierrez- Rivera
  • Yobe Haile
  • Wacim Benyoucef
  • Joe Lamptey
  • Jessica George
  • Ali Stratton


  • Attendance and participation in all scheduled meetings.
  • Attendance and participation in the SAB orientation and training activities needed to achieve organizational competency.
  • Attendance and participation in all McNeill Academic Program requirements & events. (McNeill courses, coseminars, Power Hours, coordinator meetings, Take 2/Academic Intensive)
  • Have an interest in shaping the work of the McNeill Academic Program.
  • Candidates must be enrolled in courses at CU Boulder.
  • Minimum sophomore standing

Have Questions or Concerns for SAB? 

You can email us at,