Sustainable Community Development 1 is now combined with the ATLAS program's Global Development 1 course.  This opportunity allows for a greater breadth of studies into development theories in an interdisciplinary forum. This course is designed to introduce students to the complex and inter-related nature of the development industry, providing a survey approach to understanding the major historical outcomes, theories, institutions, policies, alternatives/critiques and themes in International/community Development. Through case studies, multilateral declarations, academic papers, news clippings, films and domain experts, students will understand how their work in development affects, and is affected, by other development sectors and agendas. Different perspectives are studied and encouraged – the class looks at Indigenous knowledge, liberation theology and displacement/migration as much as it explores opposing views on such hot topics as planned development communities, public/private partnerships, and micro-finance. As a survey class, this is an introduction intended to create comfort talking across development discourses and sectors, and to create familiarity with the thought leaders in the field(s), so that all students can create more thoughtful, appropriate and comprehensive development practices and research programs.  SCD 1 / Global Development 1 Course Information