Rita Klees, Mortenson Center, Scholar-in-Residence
Scholar-in-Residence • Associate Director, Outreach
Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering Department

Dr. Klees is a Scholar in Residence - Professor of Engineering Practice in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering and the Associate Faculty Director for Outreach with the  Mortenson Center in Global Engineering.  She has also served as a Lecturer in the Social Entrepreneurship for Equitable and Sustainable Development Residential Academic Program, at the University of Colorado.  Dr. Klees, a retiree of the World Bank, has over twenty years of experience addressing key development challenges related to the natural and water resources management, drinking water supply and sanitation, environmental management and health sectors. Within these sectors, she has designed and implemented development projects; directed international policy dialogue; conducted social, environment and impact analyses; and participated in strategic planning with local and national governments, non-governmental organizations, and international development agencies. Prior to joining the World Bank, Dr. Klees, as an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science, Engineering and Diplomacy Fellow and a AAAS Overseas Science and Technology Fellow, served as an advisor to the USAID Global Health Bureau and to the USAID Southeast Asia Mission (Bangkok, Thailand), respectively.