We have printers setup on almost all floors of both Porter Bioscience and Gold Bioscience. Printing is being provided for free to all members of the department.

General Information

In addition to printing, all of these devices include both a scanning to email function and can serve as standard copiers. I can add your email to the address book of the printer you use most. This is handy if you use the scanning feature often.

You will find extra paper, toner, and a toner waste bin in the cabinet under each printer.

Use the list below to identify the printer nearest you and complete the setup instructions.

MCDB Printer List
Building Room URL
Porter Bioscience B031 mcdb-b031.colorado.edu
Porter Bioscience B140 mcdb-b140.colorado.edu
Porter Bioscience B234 mcdb-b234.colorado.edu
Porter Bioscience B334 mcdb-b334.colorado.edu
Porter Bioscience B434 mcdb-b434.colorado.edu
Gold Bioscience A140B mcdb-a140b.colorado.edu
Gold Bioscience A240B mcdb-a240b.colorado.edu
Gold Bioscience A340B mcdb-a340b.colorado.edu
Gold Bioscience A440B mcdb-a440b.colorado.edu
Gold Bioscience A1B43C mcdb-office-c458.colorado.edu
Gold Bioscience A1B43C mcdb-office-c658.colorado.edu

Note: you will need a copy code for most of the printers in Porter Bioscience. Please contact me for those codes.

Installation Procedure

First step, download and install the software. Go to the Konica Minolta's website, input “bizhub c3351” into the “Quick search” on the left, then choose the appropriate download for your operating system.

For Windows computers, the driver install procedure includes configuring the printer. Use the information in the MCDB Printer List table above to configure the printer.

On Macs, de-compress the ZIP archive. Look within the archive for a folder named "Letter", use that PKG file to install the driver. Once the printer driver is installed, you will have to add the printer using the Printers & Scanners System Preference. Use the information in the MCDB Printer List table to configure the printer. Note: use IPP printing.

On both Macs and PCs, if you are installing the C458 or C658, be sure to include the finisher: FS-536 + SD-511.

Setting up the Copy Code is a little tricky. So if you will be using any of the printers in Porter Bioscience, please contact me for help with this detail.

Web Based Printing

This is handy for one-off or occasional printing. You can use your web browser with any of these printers. Just copy the URL listed above into your address bar. If required, use your copy code for the Account Password. Select "Direct Print", fill out the form and click on Print.

Problems / Issues

Please contact me if there are any problems or you need help installing the printer on your computer.

You will find extra paper, toner, and waste bins in the cabinet under the printer. Please let me know if you have run out of any supplies.