Promoters and event presenters can rent Macky Auditorium for a variety of events including concerts, lectures, conferences, films, religious services and commencements. We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact us to discuss the availability of dates and to get an estimate of costs. (303) 492-8423 or (Please allow two business days for a return call/email).

Macky is a largely self-funded unit of the University of Colorado Boulder and does not receive direct funds from student tuition or fees.

Costs vary depending on the type of event, but will generally include these seven categories:

1. Facility Rental

The Facility Rental Fee varies depending on whether it is a University event or an event produced by off-campus promoters. Another factor is whether there is an admission charge. Pricing is available for a 2,040 seat configuration (Orchestra/Main Floor plus Loge/Balcony) or a 1,325 seat configuration (Main Floor only). Multi-day event rental prices available. Macky does not usually provide partial day services; instead, Macky is available through the day(s) necessary for the event to be successful, and will include –if applicable– set up/sound check(s), rehearsal(s) and performance(s).

2. Certificate of Good Standing

Required for Renters and Promoters not part of the University of Colorado that wish to rent Macky for the first time or after a three-year hiatus, the Certificate of Good Standing is issued by the Secretary of State where the business is registered. It allows presenters to prove that the renting organization is a legal entity, and establish the name under which all agreements with the University will be drafted. Please be aware that some states require a fee to issue this certificate. For Colorado-based organizations, please visit the state's Business Database Search.

3. Insurance

Renters and Promoters not part of the University of Colorado must provide proof of insurance prior to any activity related to the event. The most common amount is $1,000,000.

4. Labor

Macky Auditorium Concert Hall requires renters to use our staff of experienced professionals for all aspects of the event, including set up, rehearsal and performance. Fee includes stage technicians, house manager, ushers, box office staff, EMTs, and custodians as needed.

5. Equipment Rental

This cost includes any equipment used for your event such as sound and lighting systems, piano, risers, props, etc. Some equipment may need to be rented from third party vendors.

6. Ticketing

Powered by Vendini, Macky Ticketing offers a competitive and flexible fee structure with fast and secure online ticketing experience for your patrons. Includes print-at-home, mobile, phone, box office and will call services. There is a minimum service fee for ticketed events with no admission charge.

7. Security & Parking

Costs depend on the type of event and expected attendance, fees may be assessed associated with venue security and parking services. Determination of necessary services are made in consultation with the University of Colorado Police Department and Parking and Transportation Services.

8. Other Services

Depending on the event, we may work with other CU departments such as Environmental Services to provide waste management and recycling. Some costs may be assessed.