This policy is adopted in accordance with the Laws of the Regents of the University of Colorado and follows the official policy for Campus Use of University Facilities.

“University facilities and outdoor spaces may not be used for commercial, personal, or private financial gain except as approved by the university. Approval by the university requires that the event be scheduled and approved through the non-academic scheduling process or through other approved processes.”

The following outlines the scheduling priorities and approval process for the rental of Macky Auditorium.

Scheduling Priorities

Macky Auditorium may be scheduled for rental according to the following priorities:

  1. Teaching and instructional programs for the College of Music
  2. Performances and educational activities produced by CU Presents

All other requests to hold dates will be prioritized on a first come, first served basis.

Scheduling Process

Individuals or organizations wishing to rent Macky Auditorium should contact its director, Rudy Betancourt, at 303-492-8424 or, for an initial consultation regarding rates, date availability and event details.  If the date is available, Mr. Betancourt will forward the rental proposal to the College of Music Executive Cabinet for approval.

The Cabinet will not approve events that:

  1. Are likely to disrupt university functions, endanger members of the community or jeopardize property

  2. Conflict with dates on hold or scheduled by organizations affiliated with the university

  3. Conflict with university’s Restricted Event Dates

  4. Conflict with the mission or programming of the College of Music and its affiliate organizations (CU Presents)

  5. Involve fundraising that may conflict with the College of Music (and its affiliates) advancement strategies

Adopted by the College of Music Executive Cabinet August 20, 2014, updaterd August 8, 2023.