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  • Interviews with linguists in various industry positions

Graduate Student Career Resources

  • The Professor Is In provides career coaching and consultation for academics and includes resources for careers outside the academy
  • From PhD to Life provides meaningful careers for PhDs outside of academia. 
  • Beyond the Professsoriate empowers PhDs to build impactful careers & engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed.
  • Roostervane provides career direction for academics working outside the academy. 
  • Post-Ac Athenas provides resources and community for women with a Ph.D.
  • Incipit Careers assists highly-educated, highly-skilled professionals in finding their next jobs and careers. 
  • Academics at Work is a career advice blog for academics, designed to help you find a job, embark on a new career, and navitage the world of work. 
  • Free the PhD is a a career development and advocacy platform for PhDs who want to learn more about the world outside academia.