Published: Nov. 16, 2019

2019 Linguistics PhD graduate Tim O'Gorman, an expert in deep learning of semantic representations and corpus development, has taken a post-doctoral research position at the UMass Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory, working with Prof. Andrew McCallum. The aim of IESL is to increase our ability to mine actionable knowledge from unstructured text, including information extraction from the Web, understanding the connections between people and between organizations, expert finding, social network analysis, and mining the scientific literature and community. Dr. O'Gorman wrote his dissertation under the supervision of CSCI/LING professor Martha Palmer and CU LING professor Laura Michaelis, with the support of CU's CLEAR lab. His dissertation, Bringing together computational and linguistic models of implicit role interpretation, focused on implicit roles (unstated semantic roles like the inferred 'edible item' in the sentence I ate at noon today) from both a computational and theoretical perspective. Dr. O'Gorman's work in linguistics has focused on the design and construction of datasets of semantic annotations of text, expanding resources for cross-sentence (implicit) semantic role resolution, as well as more theoretical issues regarding semantic roles, reference, and Construction Grammar.