Welcome from the Board Chair

Gordon Riggle HeadshotWelcome to the Center for Leadership on behalf of the Board of Advisors.

The board members provide advice and counsel to the Chancellor and Executive Director in support of the Center’s Vision and Mission. The Center is a mission driven organization that invests in the leadership potential of all students to develop ethical, impactful leaders. The Center’s unique programs and its affiliated leadership organizations across campus combine to offer all students opportunities to increase their leadership skills.

Our mission is especially timely because we need a new generation of leaders to navigate the complex and rapidly changing challenges of our era. The global community faces shifting geopolitical balances, unprecedented scientific and technological advances, and urgent environmental and social issues. This new world requires leaders with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. By embracing change and fostering collaborative approaches, this new generation can lead us to a more sustainable and resilient future.

As Chair of the Board, I am honored to be part of an extraordinary team united in our dedication to developing future leaders. The Board of Advisors is proud to work together to support the Center for Leadership in “Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders.”


Gordon Riggle

Learn More About Our Board

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Jill Adler
Jill Adler
Real Estate Broker milehimodern
Ewa Borowska Headshot
Ewa Borowska
Executive Director at Peak to Peak Leadership
Steve Bosley
Co-Founder, BOLDERBoulder • Regent Emeritus
Sandy Bracken
Alexander 'Sandy' Bracken
University of Colorado President - Retired
Jan Burton
Jan Burton
Retired Business Executive, Community Volunteer
Hassan El Houry
Hassan El Houry
Chair of the Board of Menzies Aviation
Charles Gilford Headshot
Charles Gilford III
Deputy Director Council Relations and Special Projects Mayor’s Office City and County of Denver
Jane Holzman Headshot
Jane Holzman
Information Technology at IBM - Retired
Amy Humble Headshot
Amy Humble
President of Disruption Advisors & CEO of White River Strategy
Katie Kramer
Katie Kramer
President & CEO, Boettcher Foundation • CFL Board Vice Chair
Rick Lawrence Headshot
Rick Lawrence
Senior Managing Director, Mountain West, for Lido Advisors, LLC
Sunni Markowitz Headshot
Sunni Markowitz
Empowerment Coach
Keith Miller
Keith Miller
Chief Executive Officer at AMO Worldwide Inc
Matt Moseley Headshot
Matthew Moseley
President of Ignition Strategy Group and author
Dr. Vinay Nair Headshot
Dr. Vinay Nair
Founder and CEO of TIFIN
Pat Nash Headshot
Pat Nash
Partner in the Restructuring Group of Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Christy Orris
Christy Orris
Co-Founder, Peak to Peak Leadership
Martha Piper
Martha Piper
Senior Advisor at World Wildlife Fund
Gordon Riggle
Gordon Riggle
Chair of the Board of Advisors
Alan Rogers Headshot
Alan Rogers
Maj. General USAF - Retired
Jenny Simpson Headshot
Jenny Simpson
Professional Track and Field Athlete
Shannon Sisler Headshot
Shannon Sisler
Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer of Crocs
Emily Walsh Headshot
Emily Walsh
Leadership Development Program Manager at Magnite
Bob Yates Headshot
Bob Yates
City Council Member at Boulder City Council