The BioCore's purpose is to connect MCDB, EBIO, IPHY, and PSYC/NRSC researchers to campus research resources, such as equipment, campus offices, and campus services. 

In addition to connecting researchers to campus resources, the BioCore manages three shared laboratories in the MCDB and EBIO departments, as well as a collection of equipment throughout Porter, Gold and Ramaley buildings. These shared labs and instruments have restricted access, and MCDB, EBIO, IPHY, and PSYC/NRSC researchers always have priority. However, under certain circumstances non-MCDB, EBIO, IPHY, and PSYC/NRSC researchers can be granted access. Training is required for use of BioCore equipment. 

Reserving equipment is done through Stratocore PPMS. Contact the BioCore manager to request access

    Track Down Equipment   -   Donate Equipment to BioCore   -   Equipment Disposal/Surplus   -   Equipment Repair

      BioCore services:

      Contact the BioCore Manager to utilize these services or request another service

      • Track down equipment
        • Send the BioCore manager an email for any instrument you’re looking to gain access to
        • The BioCore manager will do all the work to track down the instrument(s) you need, request access on your behalf, and set up training
      • Graduate students
        • The BioCore shared equipment drastically expands the type of research you can perform, no longer limiting you to the equipment within your PI's lab
      • Manage equipment & shared lab spaces
        • Three shared labs (in MCDB and Ramaley) are available 24/7 with a range of general and specialized instruments
      • Equipment disposal/surplus
        • When your lab is ready to get rid of any instrument (working or totally busted) contact the BioCore
        • The BioCore manager will pick up your instrument(s) and perform all required paperwork
      • Annual mass pipette calibration (~400 pipettes/year)
        • Each year in July, the BioCore organizes for pipette calibration techs to come to campus to complete hundreds of pipette calibrations
        • Because of this bulk calibration, each pipette calibration is discounted
      • Equipment repair tech list
      • Resource awareness across campus
        • Not sure if a resource or service exists on campus, ask the BioCore and get an answer
      • Teaching labs and Undergraduate research
        • Gain access to small, medium and high end equipment. Some equipment can be moved to your lab, some equipment you can gain access to where it currently resides


      Example equipment