Welcome to the new BioCore at the University of Colorado Boulder

The BioCore manages shared laboratory equipment within MCDB, EBIO and IPHY departments. Shared equipment is located within shared lab spaces in Porter B412 and Ramaley C335, as well as throughout the three departments in faculty research laboratories. Departments outside MCD, EBIO and IPHY, please inquire about using BioCore equipment and services. 

Training is required for use of BioCore equipment. 

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    BioCore services:

    • Equipment Donation, Disposal and Surplus – Whether it works or not, use this service to be rid of any scientific equipment. For MCDB, EBIO, and IPHY departments only.
    • New Faculty – Supplying laboratory equipment to new faculty, reducing the time it takes to get your research underway, and reducing the need to waste your startup funds. Contact us with a list of what you need. 
    • Graduate students – The BioCore shared equipment drastically expands the type of research you can perform, no longer limiting you to the lab of your PI.
    • Equipment availability – With a list of nearly 4,000 pieces of equipment within MCDB, EBIO, and IPHY, just ask us and I'm sure the instrument you need exists for you to use. 
    • Cost Sharing – We facilitate cost sharing agreements of new equipment and maintenance. Can't afford that shiny new equipment, maybe with a little help you can. 
    • Free Up Lab Space – Removing underutilized or broken equipment and moving it to either a shared space or set up for surplus. All that equipment you haven't used in years may be useful to someone else. Free up your lab space!

    Equipment Wanted

    Equipment listed below is currently in high demand.
    Please click here if you would like to share your equipment.

    • Muffle furnace
    • Growth chambers