The BioCore program manages a database of over 4,000 instruments across 4 Biology departments. Any instrument you need, simple ask the BioCore manager ( and we will track down the instrument for you. We will reach out to the PI who owns the equipment to request access on your behalf, and organize training and building/lab access.

How do I find equipment I need?

  • Simply email the BioCore manager with the following information.  
    • Type of instrument (ex. circulating water bath)
    • Example of instrument (ex. VWR 1137-1P Circulating Water bath)
    • Timeframe needed (ex. starting July 1st for 2 months)

You can also search the lists below of 'ready to use' shared equipment. Permission, training, and access is managed by the BioCore. Contact the BioCore manager to inquire about utlization of below instruments. 

  • Search equipment located in Porter and Gold buildings
  • Search equipment located in the Ramaley building
  • Additional equipment is kept in storage, contact BioCore manager to inquire (this equipment can be moved to a shared space, or to your lab)
  • Equipment in IPHY, please contact BioCore manager