Sharing or donating your lab equipment:

  • Sharing equipment: Equipment can remain in your lab, or be moved to a shared space managed by the BioCore. You can put limitations on who can use the equipment you share, when it can be used, or what it can (or cannot) be used for. It's your equipment, you can control how it gets shared. Contact the BioCore manager to discuss sharing options. 
  • Donating equipment: If your lab is trying to free up space or clean out underutilized equipment, the BioCore can help organize this. We will take any instruments working or broken, either for parts or to put directly into use. Anything that the BioCore cannot take in we will surplus or dispose of. Contact the BioCore to arrange.
  • Contact the BioCore manager to discuss equipment sharing or donations


Equipment Disposal/Surplus:

  • Disposal: Any equipment you need to get rid of, whether it functions or not, contact the BioCore manager. 
    • We will remove the equipment and complete all paperwork for the process
    • Yes, it's that simple...
    • Contact the BioCore manager to request equipment removal
  • Lab cleanouts: When a PI retires or leaves campus the BioCore will go through the entire lab and cleanout all equipment and consumables
    • We will ensure all equipment and consumables are redistributed throughout the home department to have the biggest impact 
  • What happens when the BioCore removes your equipment
    • If the equipment is usable or easily repaired, it will either be move to a shared lab, offered to labs who have requested it, or moved to BioCore storage to be available when a researcher needs it. 
    • Otherwise it will go to CU Distribution as surplus. They will ensure it is disposed of in the proper way to reduce the amount of non-disposable materials from entering the waste stream.