Finalist for Innovation & Efficiency Award at CU Boulder. Click here to view informational video about the BioCore's impacts on CU's campus during the first 18 months after startup. 


How was the BioCore setup? See poster below, presented at the ABRF 2020 Conference in Palm Springs, CA. 

Download this poster here. 

2020 ABRF Conference posterIn May of 2018, the BioCore was started to begin a small- to medium-sized equipment sharing program between the MCDB, EBIO and IPHY departments. Funding originally came from an Innovation Buffs grant, awarded by CU Vice Chancelor and COO Kelly Fox.

Currently, the BioCore manages 1,770 ft2 of shared laboratory space among two shared labs, as well as a host of other shared equipment that remains in shared spaces and individual faculty labs. 

BioCore report (Oct, 2019)

Additional information about lab equipment sharing programs and benefits can be found on the CU Green Labs website